Sunday, October 31, 2010

Decided action! November 1st 2010

November 1st 2010 --> T-1hour and 41minutes.

Movember mustache commencement --> approx T-7hours
(side note - this will be the 3rd time I shave in 2010)

Hi everyone!

My blogging journey begins now:-) Like any journey I have an itinerary. To start, I have decided to implement and be disciplined about the practice of certain experimental activities in my life. I will assign trial "finish lines" to each activity, there by allowing an assessment period. I invite you and yours to join me in the implementation and practice of any or all of these activities. Activities, which "they say" will make us happier more productive and successful individuals:-) However, lets remember that happiness is our choice and we define our own success! Every minute of everyday, we decide! Ultimately, the question we all need to answer is "What do I want?" (my answer to that question will come in a later blog)

Now, like you, I have an amazing life. Am I with the love of my life? Nope. Do I have a lover? No Mam. Do I have many lovers..? Again a negative. Cougars? No yet again. My dream job? U know it, Nope! Do I choose how I act, react and view the world around me? Hell YES!

Recently, I have had 2 old adages bouncing around in my head and I encourage you all to give them some thought...
"If you do the things you have always done, you will get the things you have always got"
"Why are kids happy? Because they do the things that make them happy!"

I feel if you want to change something in your life, simply decide to change it! Yes, it can be simple...and No, you do not have to wait for New Years! PS...New Years Resolutions are a scam to sell gym memberships!

So you are probably wonder by now what my "itinerary" is...This "plan"...These "things" "they say" and I have decided to implement in my life...well here ya go, project 1 is below (haha, that rhymed) :-)

Project 1.

Time line - 1 month - November 2010 aka Movember!

I will get up at 6am a minimum of 3 times per week and exercise my mind, body, spirit or all 3!
I will read a minimum of 10 pages/day.
I will journal every other day.
I will meditate for 30minutes 3x/week
I will spend 30 quality minutes in nature 2x/week
I will schedule these activities tomorrow so I will be prepared
I will call my grandparents once/week.
I will write and mail a personal letter once/week.
I will grow a divinely sexy Movember mustache in support of prostate cancer awareness and raise/donate a minimum of $100.
I will have a daily intention to focus my actions through.
I will finish creating and pitch my TV show treatment.
I will conceptualize 2 businesses and write a business plan for one.
I will blog at least once every 3 day

This blog will chronicle my journey. Lets go:-)

I thank you for your time, look forward to your comments, hope you have an orgasm today, and encourage you to make life amazing! with love, stephen


Stephen, Suchie, Suki, Steve, Son said...

Time to shave...Here we come Movember! (this is going to get dirty!)

J said...

I like how you put in line # 6. ...there's always tomorrow....

Good Luck with your journey. I thought I was over the top ambitious...but you my friend are far more!!!

I will follow this journey of yours...sounds exciting!!!

:) J

J said...

You should add an RSS feed....

Stephen, Suchie, Suki, Steve, Son said...

Most would say I am a dreamer, but I feel we are the only ones who can limit ourselves.

Want to participate in any of the November activities with me? I find that most people are more apt to complete tasks when they are participating with others...hence me writing this blog:-) It provides me with an avenue of expression and additional intrinsic discipline accompanied with a fun dynamic while working towards the things I want.

So here is me learning something new today...what is an RSS feed? :-)

Thanks J and make it a good day! stephen

Amanda said...

I too will follow your journey and join you on a couple of practices this month!

I believe there is one title missing from your heading..... BROTHER!

Stephen, Suchie, Suki, Steve, Son said...

which ones are you in for sister...? making the schedule tonight. love, your brother:-)

Mama Dee said...

Good luck son . . . know that I love you very much.

My prayer is that you realize the contentment of a life lived well.

*A dream is only that unless you live it,
*every living being has a purpose,
*without a valid purpose life is empty,
*the only authentic way to live is in truth,and
*discovering one's truth can be painful at times.

Look beyond yourself - stretch, reach, and live sincerely measuring success not by what you receive but what you give . . .

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