12 in 12 Challenge

After the success of International Give a Cookie Day, I got to thinking.... Hmmmmmm....how can the goodness continue to grow organically?

Answer = 12 in 12!

Twelve months in a year!

Twelve Good deeds!

We will all do the same good deed on the same day and ask for nothing in return! Maximum cost = $7, many good deeds will cost nothing but a little time. All I ask for is a picture of each month's good deed for the monthly 12 in 12 collage. (see January's collage below)

Are you game to do good?

If you want to participate shoot me an e-mail ~ SuchieLove@gmail.com

Side Note ~ If you want to create a 12 in 12 group...get a minimum of 5 friends together and let me know. Group activities are almost always more fun and certainly strengthen community:-)

Side Note #2 ~ I know sometimes you may have scheduling conflicts therefore we will set the "target date" but as long as you get me your picture within 3 days after said "target date"...it's all gravy:-)

January ~ Coffee time:-)

February ~ Valentines!

March ~ Thank You to the Military

April ~ TBA
May ~ TBA
June ~ TBA
July ~ TBA
August ~ TBA
September ~ TBA
October ~ TBA
November ~ TBA
December ~ TBA

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