Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years! ByeBye Decembeard & Hello Wolverine!

Happy Almost New Years! Bye Bye Decembeard...enjoy the progression:-)

Shaving Anxiety!

Liquid Courage!


But I don't want to Mom!

The Dreamy Goutee....ummmm...NO!

I want my beard back...hello again big bottle of Champagne:-)

Maybe she will like this Stache?!?

Toothbrush duster!

Confused Charlie Chaplin:-)

Then Wolverine arrived:-)

Dare involved...Wolverine is here, the Shirt is on and it is go time!!!

Pretty sure this will be the rest of my night!


Sending love, Suchie

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The "New Year's Measuring Stick"!

There are so many sayings out there surrounding the passage of time...

You can't turn back the hands of time.
Carpe diem.
Todays the day!
The moment is now!
There is no time like the present!
And of course the 1989 Cher classic -> "If I could turn back time" :-)

All of these sayings got me thinking. Does the completion of a calendar year stimulate one's awareness to the truth that time is finite? Does this awareness spark New Year Resolutions?

Historically I have assessed where my life is every new year. I imagine many find that they too are forced to do the same as the "New Year's Measuring Stick" appears, and the calendar closes. However, as the calendar closes lets remember that January 1st is no different then July 12th or October 23nd. Everyday, we choose what we are working towards! We choose our perspective! We choose how we act! We choose to love! We choose to see everyday as the opportunity it is!

Friends, I simply encourage you to start...Identify your wants ->make a plan -> start growing in the direction you choose! "Journal Challenge 2011" will be a step in our journeys. We will identify, plan, and grow as we experience challenging, fun, inspiring, and stimulating thought.

I am excited to say that we already have 6 participants! :-) If you would like to participate I will need your e-mail. If you would like the daily text I will also need your cell number. You can send your info to

Make it a great day and know that today already is your day!

sending love, suchie

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PS...if you would like to watch the 1989 Cher Classic click here - If I could turn back time

Are you ready to CHOOSE!?! Blog Challenge #1 of 2011

I have said it before, and I will say it again.-->New Year Resolutions are a scam to sell gym memberships!

Seriously, January rolls around and all of a sudden it is time to change one's life. You know--> Work a little harder...Eat a little better...Exercise a little TV a little less and spend more time with family. In reality, the majority of these resolutions will not make it into February! Sound about right?

Friends, life is about choices...and we make them everyday! You choose, I choose, WE ALL CHOOSE!

The question is (regardless of the date) -> "Are you willing to choose, to invest in yourself?"

On Monday, January 3rd our first blog challenge of 2011 starts. This challenge will be "Journal challenge 2011!" Like our 6am challenge in December, I will send "topics" daily for you think and write about at your leisure. I invite you to share your thoughts on the blog or keep them personal. My aim is for the "topics" to challenge, motivate, and inspire us as we continue to work towards our goals and wants.

Let me know if you are in?!? (text messages will come daily) Here is what Jackie had to say about our first blog challenge Click Me

It's your choice...It has always been your choice!

Make it a great day and orgasm!

sending suchie love,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take care of someone today!

Take care of someone today!

Monday afternoon my cousin called me and said:"Be ready at 9pm! We are picking you up. You will be home tomorrow...and bring something to drink!"

And then I woke up in cottage on Lake Erie!

We all have the opportunity to take care of others!
Work towards what you want...serve others...choose happiness and develop a more sustainable global future!

make it a great day world...O! love, suchie

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 challenge starts now!

Here comes the start of the 2011 challenges! Are u ready!?! :)

Make it a great day world! Sending love and reminding u to orgasm:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello $4000.00 jacket!

December 26th - 11:49pm

Today was Boxing day!

Boxing day in Canada is the equivalent to Black Friday in the States. aka...TONS OF SHOPPERS and SALES SALES SALES! Boxing Day's origins stem back to the United Kingdom's Bank Holidays Act of 1871 and ironically...St. Stephen's Day! :-) However, as previously mentioned, it is most notable for it's shopping.

Pulling out of the driveway at 7:30am, Dad and I had officially embarked upon our first Boxing Day shopping excursion...

Mission - A new winter jacket!

Now friends, I love fashion and clothing...but rarely shop. I buy quality articles built to last, and simply have one rule when it comes to shopping...Only buy clothes you love!

By 9:30am we had found a parking spot and battled our way past the barrage of "assertive" shoppers. Dad and I were looking at jackets in the $350-$1000 section, or so we thought, and excitedly anticipated our 40% Boxing Day discount. As I slipped on the jacket I thought was destined to be my new winter outerware...the cashmere and wool blend with silk compliments caressed all my curves. This jacket fit like it was tailored for me!

Now maybe our first sign should have been that the jacket was hung on a locking hanger...or maybe it should have been that the sales agent was sticking to us like glue...or maybe it should have been when the sales agent said we can only give you $75 off that jacket...but we had made up our mind, this was the jacket and it was time to check out.

"That will be thirty-eight, twenty-four, sixty-seven" said the checkout clerk.
Dad proceeded to hand her four hundred dollars cash.
"Ummm, that's three thousand eight hundred twenty-four dollars and sixty-seven cents Sir" she replied while holding the tag up in front of our faces.
"Excuse me!" exclaimed Dad

Then I noticed something I had never seen before...beads of sweat were forming on my Dad's forehead. Yes! My Dad, the cool customer, had forehead sweat beads! Long story short, we had missed the decimal...however, we did learn that if you are looking for a $600 track jacket or an overcoat that costs more then my first car!!!! check out

Make it a great day world and enjoy your holiday season! O!
Sending love, suchie

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Take care of someone today...make someone smile...and enjoy the love in the air!

Thank you for enhancing my life! Sending love, Suchie!

More Christmas Cookies:-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Batch one done:-)

3 dozen down...2 to go! :-)

It's International Give A Cookie Day!

It's international give a cookie day!
The foundation, the core, the idea of this day is caring. We all have the ability to care for others. In the last 11 days we have built a team of over 270 cookie monsters.

Some pictures of cookie love have already started to come in and they have certainly made me smile!

Remember your experience today will be what you make it!

I have some fun things planed for the new year...I hope ya'll are ready!

Make it a great day, love Suchie

don't forget to send me your pictures and or video

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Who I woke up with on my 27th B-day!

Road trip coming up in the New Year! Wanna join for a leg of the journey?
Thanks for being a part of my life and for your love! Know that you are loved!

Side note...Happy Birthday Me:-)

Make it a good day! L0ve, Stephen

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

T-4 days!

Sunday Dec 19th 10:40pm

4 days to go until International Give a Cookie Day! We almost have 250 cookie monsters and we are going to show others that there are people out there who care!

I received a comment the other day regarding people who may be diabetic or have allergies so if you have healthy, diabetic friendly, and delicious cookie them on the Recipes page:-)

In an effort to start your Monday off well we wrote a song for International Give a Cookie Day. Click here to watch!

Make it a good day! You know the best way to start your week...orgasm! ;)
Sending love,

ps...the picture below is Adam...he help with the song but had to go to work prior to shooting. Thanks bro!

Cookie Recipes!

Hey Cookie Monsters!
Post your cookie recipes in the comments and I will move them up here to the main text.
Make it a good day and excited to see your pictures and videos!
Sending love, stephen

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A timeless tune!

Whenever I need to think I put on Classical music...I find the lack of lyrics allows me to travel into my thoughts while blocking other forms of external stimuli. In university I habitually would study listening to classical music...If you do not believe me, I have witnesses willing to attest! haha Whether fact or fiction, I was once told that listening to Classical music stimulates your dendrites allowing greater memory retention. Dendrites are, and I quote..."a short branched extension of a nerve cell."

Disregarding whether you listen to classical music all the time, or not at all. I invite you to listen to one of my favorite classical piece, a truly timeless tune...

(played here in classical guitar by John WIlliams & Julian Bream)

Make it a great day world! and include a little afternoon delight:-) haha

Sending love, Stephen

ps. if you really want to get into it, close your eyes and focus on your wants, goals, desires and loves!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Something to think about/Something to laugh about

In todays blog I want to give you something to think about and something to laugh about.

Something to think about

Do you know who Edmund Burke is? Well, before watching Tears of the Sun tonight, I had no idea! However, right before they rolled credits this quote showed up...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

This got me thinking. When others exploit, abuse, or use us...When do we draw the line? When do we say enough is enough? When do we stop looking at the corporate bottom line and truly start implementing sustainable solutions? How do we motivate and inspire others to do good? (more to come on Edmund Burke later)

Something to laugh about

A Holiday season classic right here --> Did someone say Schweddy?

Make it a great day and don't forget your orgasm!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Dear Inspiration"

"Dear Inspiration,

You come to me in many different forms.

I always find you in my true wants, desires, and loves. Therefore, I always encourage others to do what they love:-) Over the last 2 days I have felt you in the amazing support received for International Give a Cookie Day. An amazing excitement brews inside of me knowing the good we can accomplish together!

Thank you for always being there inspiration!
And thank you for the goose bumps:-)

Love, Suchie"

While making dinner tonight I heard a song and was inspired to share it. You see, one phrase from this song really struck me:

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."

So I ask you...Where do you invest your love? Do you invest your love in things that inspire you? Do you invest your love in things that give you goose bumps?

I hope so!

Make it a great day world! Love, Suchie

ps...I still hope you also have an orgasm today too!
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International Give a Cookie Day-stories, comments, pictures, videos

Bake Smiles and then post your stories, pictures, comments and videos here:-)

Also just figured I can only post if you send them to me, I will:-)

Make it a good day world! Sending love, Suchie

Here are the Cookies Batch #1

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People Want to do good!

Wow, I am so excited to say this...
People want to do good!

"International Give a Cookie Day" has been in existence for less then one day and we already have over 140 eager participants! Just think of how many smiles we will deliver on December 23rd:-)

Apparently we also have some serious bakers participating! Therefore, considering I do not bake...I decided to get a little practice in tonight! Enjoy the Videos

Cookies Batch #1

I received a few question today regarding cookie giving concerns and rules...

Jaica wrote "love this idea....but what do we do if ppl dont accept them? its kind of like Halloween....your not supposed to eat opened candy, so maybe some ppl wont want to eat the cookies :| just a question!"

Well Jessica, I have yet to be rejected by a homeless person ever. I would suggest calling nursing homes and hospitals in advance. As for the "Stranger Danger" long as you don't wear a trench coat, I think you will be alright:-) Many people find friendly groups comforting too:-)

Craig wrote: "can i deliver them to a special girl?

Absolutely Craig! The idea behind International Give a Cookie Day is to make others feel special! Suggestion, you could also invite her to go and deliver more cookies with you:-)

Whether you bake by yourself or get a group together, the support and growth for International Give a Cookie Day is all thanks to you! The event is public, and it is through your invitations that it grows! If you know anyone else you feel would enjoy International Give a Cookie Day...Click to invite them here -> Invite. I am excited to hear your stories, see you Pictures, and watch your videos!

Did I answer your questions Craig and Jessica? Please let me know if you have more questions!

Make it a good day! O! Sending love, Suchie

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

International Give a Cookie Day!

I am sooooooo excited to write this blog!

Last night I officially created a Facebook event... International Give a Cookie Day! The idea stems from a magazine article I wrote last year challenging people do something out of the ordinary over the give back and reconnect with their local or global communities.

I put together a little video for International Give A Cookie Day
Here are the details...

International Give a Cookie Day!
December 23rd, 2010 :-)

Give simply to give...and give to the unexpecting!

Step 1.
Bake or buy cookies

Step 2.
Give cookies

Making someone feel special is that simple!

Who can you give cookies to...anyone who would not expect them!
- the forgotten elderly
- homeless people
- flight attendants
- gas attendants
- check in agents
- random people
- neighbors
- parking attendants
- orphans
- Get creative!

I look forward to your comments, stories, and pictures below! You have the ability to change someone's day!

Make it a good day world! O:-) Love, Suchie

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 10/10...We made it! Model Mya:-)

We made it:-)

10 Days at 6am....2 scarfs...multiple journal entries...a few overcast sunrises...a plane letter...some exercise...a little guitar...a wild weekend with 4 friends from Florida...and ultimately a fair bit of personal growth and development.

As we continue to experience life, we continue to grow! Getting up at 6am gives us a little extra time to connect with ourselves and all that surrounds us. It's that "quite time"'s your time!

Todays focus word is "Celebrate." Celebrate yourself, your loved ones, and the beauty surrounding us all! I am going to start today's celebration by making my sister some breakfast as she is off to Africa today! You can c
elebrate our relationship by subscribing now:-) haha

Make it a good day world! Celebrate! Orgasm! Love, Suchie

ps. Mya thought she we model Scarf #2 for ya'll:-)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 9/10...I didn't wake up and this is why!

I didn't wake up at 6am this morning and that picture is why!

Pretty sure last night was... Legendary! lol

Todays focus --> stay alive! haha

Make it a great day!
Enjoy love!

ps...Sorry for the no 6am text Ian and Jackie

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 8/10...Falls Sunrise:-)

Clear skies and sun where are you?
I am in pain (aka a wee bit hungover) and it is an overcast sunrise this morning!
Here is the picture as promised though:-)

Here is also a picture of the fireworks over the falls from last night:-)

Todays focus word is "dedication." There will always be bumps as you work towards what you want...but stay dedicated and work hard...the results will come!

Make it a good day! O! Suchie

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 7/10...The Package has arrived!

The Package has arrived! Four of my friends arrived safely from FL & LA yesterday...WOW can they put a smile on my face! With us it is the simple things...the little goofy things that really make you laugh and feel loved!

For example, Kha brought us all Bomber Hats and Ray Ban's to wear for the weekend...5 guys working the streets in these = smiles, laughs, and great stories!

It is ironic that yesterdays blog was about plans changing and being able to adapt...Ron's flight was delayed yesterday, we had to reschedule our lunch up the CN tower and yet we had so much fun! (pictures to come!)

Ultimately, make someone feel special today...make someone feel loved! Jumping on your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend naked would work...but I am talking about the little things. The little things that make you say..."Hey, that person really does care about me:-)"

Todays focus word of the day is "Creative." Be creative in the boardroom and bedroom. Be creative in the way you show your love. Be creative in finding sustainable solutions. And view creative avenues for executing your dreams!

Make it a great day! Give Love! Siempre Feliz, Stephen

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 6/10...Plans Change, Scarf #2!

Plans change, simply embrace and adapt! We make excuses for not accomplishing goals...but the person ultimately responsible for what you see in your life, is you!

This morning was supposed to be a Yoga morning but it ended up being a tea, knitting, laughter, and conversation morning. Fact is...plans change! We must, as humans have done throughout the course of history, adapt. Always working towards our goals, dreams, and desires...but adapting at the same time.

I AM SO EXCITED! In one hour I will leave to go and pick up some friends at the airport who are flying in from Florida for the weekend. CN tower for lunch and then home for laughs and some certain cheer.

Todays focus word is Humble. In cause you didn't know, I am the most Super Awesome person EVER! haha Seriously though, confident humility is a beautiful thing!

Make it a good day world! Find someone to cuddle with:-) sending love, Suchie

ps...I got a hair cut!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 5/10...Plane Letter Pic!

Ever seen one of these?

Its a plane letter:-)

I took my first flight by myself when I was 12. You see, my parents are divorced, and after my mom got re-married we moved from Canada to Florida. (Probably sounds a lot cooler then it was at the time) Anyways, in order to visit the rest of my family, 1,300miles away, in the friendly skies I few...bonus = I was always escorted by a stewardess:-) I was also almost always accompanied by a plane letter! My mom loves traditions...and this was one of ours.

Plane letters are awesome and a tradition I have carried on!
The plane letter above is for my step-mom who leaves for Africa today.
If you have never received or written a plane letter, I highly recommend it! They simply make people feel loved!

Side note...I have been receiving "Thanks" from the letters I wrote in November and it feels awesome!
When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

Today's focus word is "inspire." With all the garbage stimulation out there...focus on what inspires you for clarity! When you are drained and feeling low...focus on what inspires you for an added boost! When you are moving in a positive direction...focus on what inspires you to gain more momentum! Lastly...How do you inspire others? Will you be a source a inspiration in 50 years? You can be a source of inspiration today!

Make it a good day world! Its Happy Hump day! sending love, Suchie

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 4/10...Hello Snow Sunrise:-)

Day 4/10...Dec 7th, 6:34am...Hello Snow!

It is seriously like a winter wonderland out there! Many schools in the local area have already canceled school...reason...SNOW DAY! I remember as a kid how I LOVED snow days! As the snow fell the evening prior, my sister and I would wait by the radio listening for the school cancellation information. If our county was called...I knew I was building a snow fort with my best friend the next day! Snow days were the unexpected days you got to forget about everything and could simply enjoy life.

This got me many of us plan time to forget about everything and simply enjoy life?

I encourage you to plan some "Enjoy Life Time!" Nothing else involved...just the loves of your life! Oh and if you are thinking..."Suchie, I don't have the time!" Well, one thing getting up early has really given me, is just that, more time. :-) The morning can be YOUR quite time! No distractions...just love!

Today's intention/focus word is "Serving" ... How is what you do serving others? In fifty years, how will you have served the greater good?

Make it a good day world! And maybe if you are snowed in you will find sometime to warm up with someone else under the sheets;-) sending love, Suchie

Picture below...Today's overcast and snowy sunrise:-)

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 3/10...Scarf Pic:-)

So there it is! The first scarf in the Suchie Collection 2010!

Now you may be thinking..."Suchie, that is such a baby scarf! What are you going to do with that?" Well you would be exactly is a baby scarf...and I am giving it to a baby named Nora:-) Nora just had her 6month b-day in November and is the little girl of two amazing friends of mine!

Todays focus word is "Constructive"...Address your personal and professional goals from a different angle today! Find constructive solutions and think in constructive manners. Trust me...there is a way to constructively connect with those "Challenged" co-workers! (I say "challenged" in lieu of F&%*ING I$*%T!)

Lastly today, I would like to say thank you again to Jackie and Ian for their participation in this challenge. You 2 have made getting up a 6am far more fun then I imagined!

Make it a good day world! A horizontal Polka would be a good thing! sending love, Suchie

The scarf! :)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 2/10...Video Blog:-)

Today's intention is "accept"...Accept others for who they are. Accept yourself for who you are. Work towards your wants, goals, and desires.

Day #2 Video blog ~ click here

Make it a great day world! Remember...your morning exercise can happen between the sheets too! lol
sending love, Suchie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 1/10...and I am up!

Day 1/10 ~ Saturday December 4th, 2010...6:11 am

Good morning! So step one of this challenge...check mark ...I am up:-) haha Just received a text from Ian:"Morning, time to walk the dog" and I already feel we have a head start on our days!

First thing I am is really dark out and also really quite! Second thing I am noticing, my mind is surprisingly sharp on my 4th day off since November 1st and on 4 hours sleep. (could it be because I love doing this?) I am finding this quite solitude to be amazing! Pure, distractionless think time! It seems I will have more of this pure and distractionless think time in the dark too...the sun does not rises until 7:35 am! haha

So what are the activities we will preform for this 10 day challenge?
First we will get up at 6am everyday! haha
Day 1 - Journal, guitar (something musical) and walk...
Day 2 - Reflect on "wants/goals", start knitting a scarf(do something for someone else), hit the Gym
Day 3 - Journal, write a letter to a loved one, watch the sunrise
Day 4 - Gym and guitar
Day 5 - Read 10 pages, Journal, Sunrise
Day 6 - Yoga and think about life direction
Day 7 - Gym and then make visiting friends breakfast
Day 8 - Watch the Sunrise over Niagara Falls with my camera!
Day 9 - Watch the Sunrise from the top of a building in Toronto and then get my hungover friends breakfast.
Day 10 - Journal reflection/sunrise/make sister breakfast on her departing day to Africa!

Ok it is 6:43 am and I just finished playing some guitar...still dark outside and it is time to Journal!

7:25am ~ the sun is almost up and I almost forgot about our intention of the day!

Today's intention is "Open" ~ Be open to your dreams! Be open to the possibilities life presents you! View things with Open eyes, love with an Open heart, and think with an Open mind!

Make it a good day world! One word...wait for it...Orgasm! sending love, suchie!

ps...Ian started his man diary today...aka journal! Congrats bro:-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

10 day Challenge #1!

December 3rd, 2010

10 Day Challenge #1

Start Date - Saturday, December 4th, 2010
End Date - Monday, December 13th, 2010
Participants : Suchie and Ian!
Duration - 10 Days.
Challenge - Wake up at 6am everyday!

Not that hard right? Well one thing I certainly learned from November's steps! We really must walk before we can run. So 10 day challenge #1...I spoke with Ian this morning in North Carolina and here is what we are going to do activity wise...Exercise, Journal, Read, Write letters, a morning walk with Nature, Watch a sunrise, and maybe a yoga morning!

So tomorrow we are both going to the gym...Ian in NC and I in Canada!

I am going to Vlog(video blog) everyday of the journey and Ian will do a 5 and 10 day recap.

Always loving, Always living, Always learning! If you want to join in just let me know:-)

Make it a good day world! Maybe a little Friday Afternoon delight? haha
Sending love, Suchie

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Surprise Song Video Blog:-)

I was not expecting this which made me smile all the more...can you figure it out b4 I tell you in the video?!?

Click here --> Surprise Song

Make it a good day, don't leave out your orgasm, and make someone smile!

sending love, suchie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Month 1 in Review

They say "time flies when you are having fun."

Well I want to amendment that statement.."time flies when you are having fun OR REALLY BUSY!"

I feel my November/Movember 2010 disappeared! I only had 2.5 days off, and by mid month I had already worked almost 150 hours! If I was not working I was most likely performing the activities outlined in earlier blogs...or blogging:-) In the end, November's views for the suchielove blog totaled 1,992!

If you remember, on Sunday November 14th I laid out some wants for the's review time!

"So, what do I want by the end of November 2010?"

- I want to know where I am moving come January 2011(open for suggestions?)
Still open for suggestions:-) (possibly looking for a little vacation somewhere warm:-)
I have also been looking at apartments in Toronto.
- I want to have 50-100 participants/followers of this blog. More Specific - Click Follow.
Finished the month with 27 and will be setting up free subscription soon
which will continue to create the community:-)
- I want a good kiss... MORE SPECIFIC - I want a good kiss with a lady I am interested in!
Got close...but no dice in November
- I want the blog to have received at least 1,7500 hits.
1,992!!! YaaaaaaYaaaa!
- I want to have finished production on 3 video projects
DONE! The "Movember Moments" series has received 696 YouTube views!
- I want to have helped at least 3 people identify their present wants
Got them and would like to say thank you...I am humbled
- I want to have finished my TV treatment
Still a work in progress but coming along
- I want to have had dinner with my Uncle John and Aunt Mary.
Got postponed:-(
- I want to have raised $100 for the Movember campaign
$705 = The Upside Down Crumb Catchers
- I want to have the 5 remaining solar arrays installed
ESA inspection is scheduled for Tuesday, SO EXCITED!
- I want an operational website/fb page/and youtube site geared around this blog. more specific - also owned by me and maintaining creative control.
Lots of work to do know anyone advisable to talk to here?
- I want to have finished the 2 books I am reading.
Finished one and have 30pages left in the other...SO to read!
- I want to know what I need to do to legitimately get/stay on Wikipedia!
Hello "Notability!"
- I want to have people participating in Decembers blog challenges.
Challenge #1 Wake up at 6am for 10 days straight days starting Dec 4th...You in?
Activities will include gym...Journaling...sunrises...ect
- I want Decembers blogging goals to be outlined.
Have some but not all
- I want to have visited with all of my grandparents
Done and Dunnnn
- I want to know what I will do for an income once moved in Jan 2011...again suggestion?
Applications going out this week

Project 1. --> from my first blog:-)

Time line - 1 month - November 2010 aka Movember!

I will get up at 6am a minimum of 3 times per week and exercise my mind, body, spirit or all 3! X
I will read a minimum of 10 pages/day. Check
I will journal every other day. 6 Times
I will meditate for 30minutes 3x/week Meditated 3 times
I will spend 30 quality minutes in nature 2x/week 6 times
I will schedule these activities tomorrow so I will be prepared Check
I will call my grandparents once/week. Check
I will write and mail a personal letter once/week. Awesome Activity!
I will grow a divinely sexy Movember mustache in support of prostate cancer awareness and raise/donate a minimum of $100. $705 for The Upside Down Crumb Catchers!
I will have a daily intention to focus my actions through. Another amazing Activity!
I will finish creating and pitch my TV show treatment. Still want more edits
I will conceptualize 2 businesses and write a business plan for one. Check (have a rough business plan)
I will blog at least once every 3 day Blogged everyday!

WOW~ looking back I was rather ambitious in November! At points I was very focused while at other times I lost my focus. I worked a ton, accomplished much, and continued to gown all the while. Ultimately, I feel it comes down to discipline and desire...if you want something bad enough you will figure out a way! I want to continue this journey and have some reformatted challenges lined up for December! They will promote growth...they will challenge...and hopefully lead to desired results. Do you want to participate? :-) Did you get closer to your wants in November? The journey continues! Always living and always learning! Make it a great day and remember your orgasm! sending love, Suchie

Goodbye Movember, 2010:-)

Goodbye Movember!

Hello December!

The Upside Down

Crumb Catchers



Good Job Mobros!

Some exciting things in the works for Dec!
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