Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why do we celebrate St. Patty's day?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Do you know why we celbrate St. Patty's day? Seriously...I feel I could ask that question to pretty much every one in North America and very few would know the correct answer.

I received the following message from an amazing friend 2 days ago. Regardless of how near or far a friend is nice to be loved!

As I celebrate St. Patrick's day this year…

My goal is to keep up with all my green gear…

Including my camera, and my dignity- no fear!

There will be plenty of Car bombs and yummy green beer!

I will cheer on my gators, while rocking my Green,

I will try not to flash my panties or play the tambourine.

As I am older and wiser, though I am still learning to fly,

I would love to remember these moments as time seems to be flying by.

So come out and drink with your old buddy SAM,

I will dye your beer green and we won't give a damn!

We can all be Irish for a day,

So put on your green drinking pants and LET's PLAY!

We will start with car bombs at our favorite place,

Finnhenry's, then wall st, cus I do like your face!

With your favorite Irish pals, this night will be merry.

Or in the words of Barney-LEGEND-ARY!

Make it a great St. Patty's day!


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