Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Week Fashion Show = Mission Man

So it has been a week since the fashion show and I have been patiently waiting for pictures from the event to show ya'll:-) Apparently over $3,000 was raised for the Kidney Society. GIDDY UP!

Now it's time for the time laps. The first set of pictures is where we started with Sammy and the second picture is the only picture I have from the event thus far. This was right before our boxers set! HELLO significant 3week progress;-) More muscle tone...check! Arms and Abs...getting there! Keep up the good work brother!

Where we started
3 weeks later!

It is amazing what proper nutrition and a little exercise can do eh?!?
ps...if anyone wants to pay me to do this...I am open to travel just about anywhere:-)

Make it a good day and weekend world!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mission Man after 11days!

If you remember correctly, I posted these first 2 pictures on May 25th...
Well Sammy is slimming down! This picture was taken on day 11.
We are still up 3-4 tmes a week at 5am. Having maintained our resistance training, we are complimenting our cardio with some hot yoga and plenty of dancing! CALORIES IN vs. CALORIES OUT!

Just so you can get an idea of what types of food we are will find pictures below.
Basically, there are an abundance of greens and protein mixed in with some slow releasing carbs.

Breakfast like a King
Lunch like a Queen
And Dinner like a Princess

The Fashion show we are volunteering in is one week today and I am rather pumped to see how Sammy's body will have transformed! On a personal note, I am finding this project to be a fair bit more work then I originally anticipated, however, I am excited that very soon one of my bests will be lets just say "rather FIT!"

Make it a great day and remember that you can get fit too! You simply have to decide you want it...and then hire me for millions of dollars:-) lol


ps. I was happy to throw this box out! Eat Puffs if you want to look puffy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So our fashion show is 2 weeks away and people are starting to notice Sammy's improvement!

We are up at 5am just about everyday so that we have enough time to exercise while ensuring sammy can still make it to work for 7am. Yes, getting up at 5am SUCKS but I am excited to see Sammy starting to get excited.

It is amazing what a little dedication and proper nutrition can do!

I will post a picture tomorrow!

Make it a great day!
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