Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cooking Video #2 - Feta chicken egg snack wrap in under 3.5minutes!

So here was my mid morning snack today in under 3.5 minutes. A feta chicken egg snack wrap with homemade salsa! YES, it was delicious and you will be able to see how simple it was to make. I love having fresh salsa around...healthy, scrumptious, and simple:-) I also hope you enjoy today's apparel coveralls and a toque...this morning was cold in Canada!

as always...sending suchie love! The movember stache is on it's way!


nicole said...

I think you should cook without your shirt on!!!!

Stephen said...

guess how i made breakfast this morning nicole?!? which nicole is this btw? ps...there may just be a breakfast vid comming. lol

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