Monday, November 22, 2010

THE TEXT! Blog #11

What a weekend!

The dancing shoes and drinking boots both came out to play because I FINALLY took a day off! Can you say, "Hello sleeping in!"...all be it the groggy/somewhat hung over and in need of a big breakfast type of sleep in. (you know the type!) Somewhere in that state of disoriented existence, my already shaky Sunday morning got rocked!

Imagine this... I lay drinking my caramel apple spice on a friends sofa when I received this text..."Suchie, just heard you on the radio"

Well I don't know about you, but historically I have not received much radio play! (not much = 1 time ever) ha

As it turns out, the audio from our Movember videos got played on the radio! I was excited, still hung over, and surprised beyond belief. Then I thought to myself..."Wow, hard work really does pay off!"

So friends, work hard for what you want and love; because you never know when you might receive a seemingly crazy text saying you are on the radio!

As always, make it a good day and give someone an orgasm, even if it is yourself! :-)
Sending love, suchie

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