Monday, November 8, 2010

Week #1 in review!

Monday, November 8th 2010 -> 10:24

Week One in review!

I am loving these "decided actions!"

6 am comes REALLY early! You know how they say the early bird gets the worm...well I don't know if the bird gets the worm but it certainly gets a sizable head start. As 8am rolled around on Wednesday morning, I felt very accomplished. Thrusday, I found that I was less productive due to lack of planning. Therefore, this week I am planing out my early morning sessions so there is no wasted time and I am ready/excited to jump out of bed.

Nature, I love nature and my 2 nature moments of the week were absolutely fantastic!
1. A reinvigorating sunrise
2. A nature walk in the woods with some tea and a fantastic friend

Focus words were enormously beneficial! So beneficial in fact, I plan to write an entire blog on just them! For example, Thursday's word was "Constructive" and while I was engaged in a challenging/semi-frustrating conversation, I thought to myself..."How can I respond in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner?" Similar moments passed throughout the week when situations arose and I was able to apply the day's focus word to garner a more positive result. From Constructive to Abundant to Accepting to Open, I allowed these focus words to replace negative thoughts, in turn promoting positive results! To check out the rest of Novembers scheduled focus words click here

My 1st written letter felt superb! There is something to be said about the tangible nature of a letter. You can spray a fragrance on it, put a picture inside, the classic lipstick kiss:-) Regardless, something from your hands will end up in the hands of a loved one and that is pretty special in my books.

Journaling - I missed one day journaling during my 65hr work week this week and was not pleased! But, can you say..."Goodbye pent up emotion!"? Your journal is a friend you can tell anything to and will never talk to others. (so long as you hide it well) :-)

Meditation - dedicated and focused thought without interruption, will take some thought. I can tell you that I turned off my phone, focused on my breathing, and I took one thought into my both of my sessions. My results will surely improve however for week one I am pleased with the practice. (we may try a 30day meditation challenge, let me know if you are interested)

TV Treatment - I have some exciting news and will have something to show you all by Nov 20th.

10 pages - I am steadily working my way though 2 books and have found that my minimum daily reading to be an intellectual stimulant.

Calling the Grandparents - Spoke with one of the gp's and will remedy my missed call tomorrow!

Lastly, I want mention how fortunate I feel to have received some of your goals. We all have the ability to create a better world for ourselves and the global community surrounding us. I am inspired to see that some of you have taken an active role in doing just that! Lets get it!

With the weekend behind us...I hope you had enjoyable O's;) Keep making life amazing! Siempre Feliz and with love, Stephen


Anonymous said...

You are way too organized...i need to take a few lessons from you for sure! Cheryl

Stephen said...

We can decide at any moment...but the dedication is daily:-) You have it in you C! PS...Lots of fun things coming up:-)

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