Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where our meat comes from! DISTURBING Video!

This short video, featuring Sir Paul Mccartney, explores where much of our meat comes. I found many of the images rather disturbing but encourage you to try and get through it. Ultimately, we are responsible for this...we buy the meat!

As always...make it a good day! Sending love, Suchie


Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch it !!!! How very sad is that !!
Cheryl B

Stephen said...

Sad/Gross/Inhumane! Certainly makes you think about where your meat comes from eh!?!

Sara Phillips said...

Thought that you might like to check these two websites out! I have seen the video before and it can be excruciating to watch. But I like that you are not afraid to encourage other people to see it.

Stephen said...

thanks for this...experience and information are both very powerful! love ya lady

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