Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 10/10...We made it! Model Mya:-)

We made it:-)

10 Days at 6am....2 scarfs...multiple journal entries...a few overcast sunrises...a plane letter...some exercise...a little guitar...a wild weekend with 4 friends from Florida...and ultimately a fair bit of personal growth and development.

As we continue to experience life, we continue to grow! Getting up at 6am gives us a little extra time to connect with ourselves and all that surrounds us. It's that "quite time"'s your time!

Todays focus word is "Celebrate." Celebrate yourself, your loved ones, and the beauty surrounding us all! I am going to start today's celebration by making my sister some breakfast as she is off to Africa today! You can c
elebrate our relationship by subscribing now:-) haha

Make it a good day world! Celebrate! Orgasm! Love, Suchie

ps. Mya thought she we model Scarf #2 for ya'll:-)

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1 comment:

J said...


Thanks so much for putting this challenge out. It sure helps to know that someone else is keeping track of your progress. the early morning texts were great and if my feet weren't already on the floor...they were once I got the 6:05 intention!! :) It's good to take extra time in the day to reflect, have a moment for ourselves...especially in the era of "there's never enough time in the day". Really there is, we just need to commit to it. Those early mornings helped me to realize that by getting my self awake and ready, there was less commotion in the morning, there were fewer grumbles all around and it was nice to be able to get the kids to the bus without rushing out the door. I even had time to read the Star before everyone got up, instead of skimming through before starting work. On top of all of that...Jack the Chessie was in heaven over all of the extra morning attention...Thanks for the challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one!!

:) J

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