Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 7/10...The Package has arrived!

The Package has arrived! Four of my friends arrived safely from FL & LA yesterday...WOW can they put a smile on my face! With us it is the simple things...the little goofy things that really make you laugh and feel loved!

For example, Kha brought us all Bomber Hats and Ray Ban's to wear for the weekend...5 guys working the streets in these = smiles, laughs, and great stories!

It is ironic that yesterdays blog was about plans changing and being able to adapt...Ron's flight was delayed yesterday, we had to reschedule our lunch up the CN tower and yet we had so much fun! (pictures to come!)

Ultimately, make someone feel special today...make someone feel loved! Jumping on your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend naked would work...but I am talking about the little things. The little things that make you say..."Hey, that person really does care about me:-)"

Todays focus word of the day is "Creative." Be creative in the boardroom and bedroom. Be creative in the way you show your love. Be creative in finding sustainable solutions. And view creative avenues for executing your dreams!

Make it a great day! Give Love! Siempre Feliz, Stephen


Anonymous said...

Dude so bummed i couldn't be there. I am at my desk laughing at this picture right now. Sending Hard Love

Stephen said...

I am equally as bummed! There were experiences you needed to be at! Love ya brother!

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