Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hello $4000.00 jacket!

December 26th - 11:49pm

Today was Boxing day!

Boxing day in Canada is the equivalent to Black Friday in the States. aka...TONS OF SHOPPERS and SALES SALES SALES! Boxing Day's origins stem back to the United Kingdom's Bank Holidays Act of 1871 and ironically...St. Stephen's Day! :-) However, as previously mentioned, it is most notable for it's shopping.

Pulling out of the driveway at 7:30am, Dad and I had officially embarked upon our first Boxing Day shopping excursion...

Mission - A new winter jacket!

Now friends, I love fashion and clothing...but rarely shop. I buy quality articles built to last, and simply have one rule when it comes to shopping...Only buy clothes you love!

By 9:30am we had found a parking spot and battled our way past the barrage of "assertive" shoppers. Dad and I were looking at jackets in the $350-$1000 section, or so we thought, and excitedly anticipated our 40% Boxing Day discount. As I slipped on the jacket I thought was destined to be my new winter outerware...the cashmere and wool blend with silk compliments caressed all my curves. This jacket fit like it was tailored for me!

Now maybe our first sign should have been that the jacket was hung on a locking hanger...or maybe it should have been that the sales agent was sticking to us like glue...or maybe it should have been when the sales agent said we can only give you $75 off that jacket...but we had made up our mind, this was the jacket and it was time to check out.

"That will be thirty-eight, twenty-four, sixty-seven" said the checkout clerk.
Dad proceeded to hand her four hundred dollars cash.
"Ummm, that's three thousand eight hundred twenty-four dollars and sixty-seven cents Sir" she replied while holding the tag up in front of our faces.
"Excuse me!" exclaimed Dad

Then I noticed something I had never seen before...beads of sweat were forming on my Dad's forehead. Yes! My Dad, the cool customer, had forehead sweat beads! Long story short, we had missed the decimal...however, we did learn that if you are looking for a $600 track jacket or an overcoat that costs more then my first car!!!! check out

Make it a great day world and enjoy your holiday season! O!
Sending love, suchie

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Christy said...

*Sigh* ...The one that got away...

Stephen said...

haha...something like that eh :-)

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