Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Month 1 in Review

They say "time flies when you are having fun."

Well I want to amendment that statement.."time flies when you are having fun OR REALLY BUSY!"

I feel my November/Movember 2010 disappeared! I only had 2.5 days off, and by mid month I had already worked almost 150 hours! If I was not working I was most likely performing the activities outlined in earlier blogs...or blogging:-) In the end, November's views for the suchielove blog totaled 1,992!

If you remember, on Sunday November 14th I laid out some wants for the's review time!

"So, what do I want by the end of November 2010?"

- I want to know where I am moving come January 2011(open for suggestions?)
Still open for suggestions:-) (possibly looking for a little vacation somewhere warm:-)
I have also been looking at apartments in Toronto.
- I want to have 50-100 participants/followers of this blog. More Specific - Click Follow.
Finished the month with 27 and will be setting up free subscription soon
which will continue to create the community:-)
- I want a good kiss... MORE SPECIFIC - I want a good kiss with a lady I am interested in!
Got close...but no dice in November
- I want the blog to have received at least 1,7500 hits.
1,992!!! YaaaaaaYaaaa!
- I want to have finished production on 3 video projects
DONE! The "Movember Moments" series has received 696 YouTube views!
- I want to have helped at least 3 people identify their present wants
Got them and would like to say thank you...I am humbled
- I want to have finished my TV treatment
Still a work in progress but coming along
- I want to have had dinner with my Uncle John and Aunt Mary.
Got postponed:-(
- I want to have raised $100 for the Movember campaign
$705 = The Upside Down Crumb Catchers
- I want to have the 5 remaining solar arrays installed
ESA inspection is scheduled for Tuesday, SO EXCITED!
- I want an operational website/fb page/and youtube site geared around this blog. more specific - also owned by me and maintaining creative control.
Lots of work to do know anyone advisable to talk to here?
- I want to have finished the 2 books I am reading.
Finished one and have 30pages left in the other...SO to read!
- I want to know what I need to do to legitimately get/stay on Wikipedia!
Hello "Notability!"
- I want to have people participating in Decembers blog challenges.
Challenge #1 Wake up at 6am for 10 days straight days starting Dec 4th...You in?
Activities will include gym...Journaling...sunrises...ect
- I want Decembers blogging goals to be outlined.
Have some but not all
- I want to have visited with all of my grandparents
Done and Dunnnn
- I want to know what I will do for an income once moved in Jan 2011...again suggestion?
Applications going out this week

Project 1. --> from my first blog:-)

Time line - 1 month - November 2010 aka Movember!

I will get up at 6am a minimum of 3 times per week and exercise my mind, body, spirit or all 3! X
I will read a minimum of 10 pages/day. Check
I will journal every other day. 6 Times
I will meditate for 30minutes 3x/week Meditated 3 times
I will spend 30 quality minutes in nature 2x/week 6 times
I will schedule these activities tomorrow so I will be prepared Check
I will call my grandparents once/week. Check
I will write and mail a personal letter once/week. Awesome Activity!
I will grow a divinely sexy Movember mustache in support of prostate cancer awareness and raise/donate a minimum of $100. $705 for The Upside Down Crumb Catchers!
I will have a daily intention to focus my actions through. Another amazing Activity!
I will finish creating and pitch my TV show treatment. Still want more edits
I will conceptualize 2 businesses and write a business plan for one. Check (have a rough business plan)
I will blog at least once every 3 day Blogged everyday!

WOW~ looking back I was rather ambitious in November! At points I was very focused while at other times I lost my focus. I worked a ton, accomplished much, and continued to gown all the while. Ultimately, I feel it comes down to discipline and desire...if you want something bad enough you will figure out a way! I want to continue this journey and have some reformatted challenges lined up for December! They will promote growth...they will challenge...and hopefully lead to desired results. Do you want to participate? :-) Did you get closer to your wants in November? The journey continues! Always living and always learning! Make it a great day and remember your orgasm! sending love, Suchie


Anonymous said...

Good job, I would say you are right on track and I am so proud of you! December may be a bit more challenging due to "get togethers"....keep up the good reading your blog-Cheryl

Ian said...

not sure if my post went through, anyways, I'll wake up at 6am for 10 days straight with you.

Stephen said...

Thanks Cheryl! December will be interesting...I have 4 friends coming up from Florida next Thursday and four solar installs ready to pass ESA inspection on Tuesday! Should be entertaining! IAN...SO EXCITED you are going to participate in the first challenge! I will have details tonight. 4 hours of Sunlight left...time to get back to work! love ya'll!

J said...

I'm in on Challenge # 1...not an easy start though, tonight we have a xmas party. 6am will come very quickly. I will see if I can get Cam involved.
Good for you!!! Here's to December.

:) J

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