Thursday, December 30, 2010

The "New Year's Measuring Stick"!

There are so many sayings out there surrounding the passage of time...

You can't turn back the hands of time.
Carpe diem.
Todays the day!
The moment is now!
There is no time like the present!
And of course the 1989 Cher classic -> "If I could turn back time" :-)

All of these sayings got me thinking. Does the completion of a calendar year stimulate one's awareness to the truth that time is finite? Does this awareness spark New Year Resolutions?

Historically I have assessed where my life is every new year. I imagine many find that they too are forced to do the same as the "New Year's Measuring Stick" appears, and the calendar closes. However, as the calendar closes lets remember that January 1st is no different then July 12th or October 23nd. Everyday, we choose what we are working towards! We choose our perspective! We choose how we act! We choose to love! We choose to see everyday as the opportunity it is!

Friends, I simply encourage you to start...Identify your wants ->make a plan -> start growing in the direction you choose! "Journal Challenge 2011" will be a step in our journeys. We will identify, plan, and grow as we experience challenging, fun, inspiring, and stimulating thought.

I am excited to say that we already have 6 participants! :-) If you would like to participate I will need your e-mail. If you would like the daily text I will also need your cell number. You can send your info to

Make it a great day and know that today already is your day!

sending love, suchie

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PS...if you would like to watch the 1989 Cher Classic click here - If I could turn back time

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