Saturday, December 18, 2010

A timeless tune!

Whenever I need to think I put on Classical music...I find the lack of lyrics allows me to travel into my thoughts while blocking other forms of external stimuli. In university I habitually would study listening to classical music...If you do not believe me, I have witnesses willing to attest! haha Whether fact or fiction, I was once told that listening to Classical music stimulates your dendrites allowing greater memory retention. Dendrites are, and I quote..."a short branched extension of a nerve cell."

Disregarding whether you listen to classical music all the time, or not at all. I invite you to listen to one of my favorite classical piece, a truly timeless tune...

(played here in classical guitar by John WIlliams & Julian Bream)

Make it a great day world! and include a little afternoon delight:-) haha

Sending love, Stephen

ps. if you really want to get into it, close your eyes and focus on your wants, goals, desires and loves!

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