Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog 24/365 Write It Down!

Have you ever experienced one of those euphoric moments of enterprise? The type of moment that makes you say...

Oooooo it would be amazing to do "that!"
I bet we could make a lot of money doing "this!"
Why don't we do "that?"
Lets start "this kind" of business!
We should open up a bar! (Every guy has at least thought that once!:-)

Well congruent with my childish curiosity, I am constantly coming up with new ideas as I observe our surroundings. I experience those "euphoric moments of enterprise" on a regular basis. So why don't I have many profitable businesses? What happens between the synapses firing in my brain creating the idea, and that same idea fading off into the abyss of the forgotten? Seriously...What is it?!?

I feel it ultimately boils down to desire. When you do not HAVE to do something...the only question to ask is: "How badly do I WANT to do this?" If you WANT to accomplish something bad enough, you will MAKE it happen!

This brings us to the core of today's message...if you don't want to be the person ridiculed on Dragon's Den... If you don't want to lose a life altering business idea to the abyss of the forgotten...and if you want to capitalized on the opportunities that surround us...

Write it down!

Ideas are in your head...Businesses are on paper!

Suchie Rule ~ When you have an idea...WRITE IT DOWN!

With this spirit in mind, and after dinner with Grandma, I spent an hour writing down an idea I had earlier today. I expanded on the rough notes I jotted down during the moment of discovery, and I plan on reviewing it... dissecting it... consulting on it...and ultimately making an educated decision regarding it's development.

Friends, it is our choice take advantage of the opportunities surrounding us. I say we do it! Lets work towards your goals/wants/and desires. Lets serve others. And lets truly develop a sustainable global future!

Make it a great day and write it down!

Stephen Szucs...aka Suchie

ps...a peace picture for ya'll:-)


Brandellaa said...

My problem isn't writing it down, it's realizing a)someone got to it before me, b) I don't think I can make money doing it, c)some other reason not to pursue it, or d)it doesn't create public value or help anyone (my ultimate goal)...we should put our heads together and come up with something that does all that!

Stephen said...

a) there is no need to reinvent the wheel...improvments can prove profitable. b) identify all components involved and see:-) c) blah d) you can always donate from profits:-) I am driving down to FL next week...might be able to stop in Jax...what is your schedule looking like?

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