Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog 31/365 Give me your input please!

I am presently preparing for a little trip down to FL...reflection and planning:-)

While in FL I am going to re-tool the blog some and was curious what ya'll thought...?

  • What do you feel the blog is about?
  • What areas do you feel the blog could develop most?
  • What do you enjoy most?
Thanks and make it a great day!


ps. dropped one of my best friends off at the airport Sunday on his way to Braliz! The more we experience, the more we grow! Keep living!


Nick Rose said...

I am guessing the blog is about your growth as an "Artist" and Human Being.

Stephen said...

thanks for your input nick...so far we have growth, personal growth, Seinfeld meets tony robbins with a flare of David Suzuki:-) lol keep em coming please friends

Anonymous said...

\i enjoy your pictures, your passion, your smile. The blog is about giving back, and making a better place...and development...that's 2 come.

Ian said...

Here's a couple things:

Keep it coming with the motivation and inspirational posts. Focus the blog on being relatable to your blog fans. Talk more about the struggles of staying motivated once you've set a goal. Maybe tie in a personal goal of yours and the road to achieving that goal.

You've always been really good at all of that stuff.

Once you've found a true focus. New blog name?

Anonymous said...

I like the blog, however I think a little more focus on each subject is good. More information instead of quick comments, dig in to the subject.

What is this about? Spreading love of course. Suchie style.

Sara Phillips said...

The blog is about becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be, and making a better world while we are at it, I think. I think that the "sustainability" part could use more work...with goals and challenges similar to your 12 in 12 good deeds. I love the optimism and the positive mood and the the Steve-isms. This is a happy place to visit! :o)

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