Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog 43/365 Oh nature:-)

I love nature!

Fact - winter in Canada gets well, COLD! In an effort to maintain my connection with nature I have been growing Avocado and Key Lime Trees from seed in a friends greenhouse:-) Now by no stretch of the imagination am I a Horticulturalist...but I must admit that it has been a rather fun experiment.

One of my Avocado trees:-)

As I was transplanting trees the other day I got to thinking again...

How often do you connect with nature?

I feel distraction abounds in our day to day lives, in turn encouraging us to look right past the absolutely astonishing beauty which surrounds us. If you remember back in November...part of my first challenge was to actively connect with nature ~ sunrises, walks, hikes, sunsets, start gazing and the like. Best part is that scheduling time to connect with nature is easy!

She is all around us!

Make it a great day and enjoy the beauty of nature,

Stephen Szucs...Suchie

ps. My 7 Key Lime Trees:-)

1 comment:

Nick Rose said...

At least your growing something legal. lmao. Sorry buddy, I couldn't resist. It is wonderful to garden. When I lived back in North Carolina. I had vegetable and flower gardens every year. There is nothing like a fresh tomato right off the vine.

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