Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Right Path

A friend and I were reminiscing earlier this evening...old pictures, good memories, and some nice laughs. Ultimately, our conversation culminated in one question ~

What is the right path for my life?

Now don't even try tell me you have not asked yourself that one before! haha

When I think about where my life is, where it has been, and where I want it to go...I continuously realize that life is amazing. Obviously there have been peaks and valleys; moments that hurt like hell intertwined with, well...orgasms:-) haha The point is, we have all done some amazing things in life!

So are we on the right path?


Every path is the right path. In every moment we have the opportunity to choose. Therefore the only question is ~ Where do you want to go?

Make it a great day!


Mya, the sis and I went for a little walk today...yes, "on a path":-)


J said...

I find the more we try to steer the path, the more off course we get. Let things just happen and it is soooo amazing what then occurs. Continue to love life and enjoy your walks on those different paths. Experience and love those experience. Always learn. Engage those you meet along the way, and you mind find those engagements will then guide you elsewhere. Not always good, but always an experience.

I have promised myself to never get stuck on one path...if I do than what would I miss on the one not taken??? I can't wait to find out where the next fork may take me!!!!

Have A GREAT DAY!!!!!


Stephen said...

The next fork will go wherever you want! :-) One word...CUBA!

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