Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Changes Are Coming:-)

Friends, changes are coming! Presently, I have some business to take care of and want a little recharge...Sooooooooo for the next 10 days I will only be posting a notable article/articles of interest for your reading pleasure.

During this "recharge time" I will...
  • write my first article for world.edu(SUPER excited!)
  • move
  • finish/implement a business plan
  • visit the accountant
  • take my personal training certification exam
  • "re tooling" the blog a little
  • get my "super fit" on and maybe wear underwear:-)
Each article will entertain, educate, certainly encourage growth, and be accompanied by commentary and a question...I look forward to your responses:-)

I thank you for your support and want you to make it a great day!

Sending love,


ps...I made Quinoa for the first time today...Hello Superfood!


Nick Rose said...

Really awesome brother. Good luck with the move, I wish I live close, I would give you a hand. I always look forward to your words of inspiriation each morning and I would love to try some of those dishes you make!

Toby Neal said...

Good to-do list. Always good to state your intentions; they're more likely to happen that way.

Anonymous said...

...and how did it taste?

Safe journey during the move.


Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

Thanks for your support ya'll:-) Quinoa is awesome...you should see the dish I made tonight with the magic Q! ps. thanks for the offer of help Nick, but do not fear...i have some buddys near.

make it a great day!

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