Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooking week Day #1

Being that I have my personal training specialist exam coming up soon, I have chosen to dedicate this "blog week" to nutrition. This week will be full of recipes, fun food facts, and a wealth of nutritional information. Simply eating different can change your quality of life dramatically.

You would not put diesel fuel into an unleaded vehicle...right? (Obvious answer = NO!) Well then why do so many fuel their bodies with garbage? Answer ~ simple laze or lack of knowledge? Therefore, to increase education...

Today I want healthy you think you have one or two?
(Send them in and we will check it out )

A few of you have already sent me recipes, for which I am grateful...know that they will posted this week too:-)

Healthy fact #1 ~ A workout regime is enhanced when complimented by proper nutrition.

Before writing this post I had a long phone call with a great friend, and among other things, one realization we came to was...

What value do you add to other people's lives?

As I strive to develop a sustainable global future...I hope this cooking week adds value to the health component of your life.

Eat well and live better!

Make it a great day,


ps. made some stuffed green peppers the other day with wild rice, carrots, onions, broccoli, and tomato:-)


Sara Phillips said...

This soba noodles recipe is Kyle's favorite thing that we make!

We actually made it tonight. We sub the Korean hot pepper paste with Sriracha, and if we cannot find a certain type of veggie or shroom at the market, we just sub what they do have! I don't know how healthy it is, with the oil, low-sodium soy sauce and brown sugar, but maybe you can check it out.

Nora loves her soba noodles with broccoli. Who knew an almost-10-month old could love broccoli so much?!

Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

sounds fun and will def look into this! Thanks You! :-)

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