Friday, March 18, 2011

No Power!

So yesterday while celebrating St. Patty's day my phone died!
I felt powerless... figuratively and literally.

In a city with poor public transportation and not knowing the cab number...I came to the stark realization that I also do not know many of my friends phone numbers. Seriously, how many of your friends numbers do you know?

What do we do to make a call today? Do we dial a number? I think not:-) Most of us simply search through our directories and click on a name. I feel that as a society we are putting ourselves in a very vulnerable position. Are we in control of where our energy comes from? Nope...and with out energy, where is our information?

Something to thing about on a Sunday....

Make it a great day,


ps...I find this is an interesting write considering our recent dialogue over energy.


Nick Rose said...

I hear you. I am screwed without my phone directory. I have to stop and think about what my home number is when someone asks me. lol

Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

that is just it Nick! We write lol...but it dangerous! Now what are our potential solutions?

Anonymous said...

Because phones hate me- and I go through them like water- I have learned to have a PAPER phone and address book as a back up.

Sara Phillips said...

My phone was drowned in a spilled cup of water in the stroller's cup-holder on our first day of vacation, and I realized that I only know Kyle's number, and family numbers that I memorized before I ever had a cell phone. Although I was always with someone who had a cell phone, it felt funny to be without my blackberry, always checking my email and texts. I am happy now that I spent my vacation without that phone attached to me...but not happy to buy a new one!

Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

Do you carry your phone & address book with you Tilly? There has to be a simpler solution! Sara I was thinking, the numbers we knew in the BC days...Before Cells! lol :-)

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