Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear Power!

Before starting todays blog I would like to take a moment and extend my condolences to those directly effected by the natural disaster in Japan.

Have you been watching the news coverage of the Natural Disaster?

Being an energy guy I have been rather intrigued to watch the coverage regarding the nuclear generation facilities. Now, I will come right out and say it...Yes, I am a proponent for safe nuclear power generation...Yes, I am an even larger proponent for clean/sustainable power generation and energy efficiency measures...and YES, I believe that from it's extraction, to burning, to burial ~ COAL IS DIRTY AND FINITE!

So why did I start talking about Nuclear Power today?

Well, as I have watched the news coverage...I feel they have been trying to build drama and fear regarding our nuclear energy generation security. As I feel much fear can be displaced through increased knowledge and education...I invite you to listen to Duncan Hawthorne, the CEO of Bruce Power(Ontario's largest independent power generator). He is also the chair of the board for governors of the World Association of Nuclear Operators.

Enjoy and make it a great day!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hate to break to you my friend, but there is no such thing as "SAFE" nuclear energy!
Bottom line, whether human error or natural disaster there is always the potential for error. There is no room for an "oops factor" at a nuclear plant. It makes me shutter to think that some people believe that it's a good idea to put a nuclear power plant at Nanticoke to replace Coal Fired Power Generation Plant. I agree, coal is dirty but nuclear is down right toxic! You say your a proponent of sustainable energy and want to do something to make a difference for our environment, so think outside the box and come up with a solution that doesn't involve creating radioactive waste that we need to bury deep inside the earth, only to leak into our environment and cause God only knows what kind of undiagnosed disease for our children and our children's children! The waste that nuclear energy produces will damage Mother Earth beyond repair and for what? So that we can have power so that we can have modern conveniences? Is it really worth the risk? We should take a page from our native ancentors and be stewards of the land, not it’s mortal enemy.

Try telling the people of Japan and Chernobyl, as they die of radiation poisoning and cancer that nuclear was a good energy choice! Why not renewable energy source, wind, water, sun? Now the technology is expensive, just like anything that is new. However, the costs to Japan and Chernobyl have and will be astronomical for 100's of years to come! Do we really want to continue to poison our earth?

Nuclear energy for this area, the most populated area of North America, or any other area is just crazy! If this plan ever becomes a reality, I would move my family far away without a doubt. It only takes one tiny mistake to make cause a catastrophe disaster to occur. If or when you become responsible for another human life, other than your own, you may in fact change your tune. With age comes experience and wisdom. Before you make such statements here on your blog or anywhere else, do you homework. Understand both sides of the issue and make an informed decision.

Also, remember, Duncan Hawthorne, is paid (handsomely, I would assume) to have the belief system that he does. Look at all the other studies worldwide that refute the safety of nuclear power.

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