Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Simple 6! (Healthy eating/shopping tips!) CW#3

Today, I started writing about diets and I ended up with my 6 simple healthy eating/shopping tips:-)

Make it a great day and eat well!


1. Eat the rainbow
No, I am not talking about a diet of Lucky Charms! A simple way to check and see if you are eating healthy, is to make sure you see colour in your shopping cart. From fruits and vegetables to dairy, proteins and grains...a healthy diet eats the rainbow.

2. Stay on the perimeter!
Where is the fresh stuff in a grocery store? Our dairy, protein, bread, fruits and vegetables are almost always around the perimeter of the store...STAY THERE! The only time you will see me in the center aisles is when I need cereal, juice, rice, beans, noodles, or the odd spice/condiment. Fresh is best!

3. Have Healthy Snacks Handy
Considering the busy lives we live, I always try to have healthy snacks available. 2 favorites include apples and peanut butter or a all natural protein shake. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

4. Drink lots of water!
Now how many times have you heard that!?! haha Seriously though, water not only keeps us hydrated, it gives us energy!

5. King -> Queen -> Princess
Breakfast like King, Lunch like a Queen, and Dinner like a Princess. Your body needs energy to get you through the day, not in preparation to sleep! So, eat a big breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. Considering you body responds to routine, an added bonus of eating a big breakfast is that your body will store less fat from dinner knowing it will wake up to a full recharge.

6. Natural Nourishes & Watch Labels!
Just because the Deli lady slices your turkey breast from a "meat mass" that looks like a turkey...does not mean it is 100% turkey! Just because it says 100% juice does not mean it can't still be from concentrate. Again, Fresh is Best and watch out for the small print.


Anonymous said...

I always like to keep a ziplock of nuts or something in my bag so i don't end up going to the vending machines and getting something unhealthy. I also love veggies (like carrots and red peppers) and hummus as snacks :)

Señorita said...

Great post... I love the philosophy of breakfast like a King, etc. I notice a huge improvement in my day and overall physical health when I live my life like this.


Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

I love love LOVE snacks Court! y estoy de acuerdo Señorita:-)

Jc_mash said...

Love the King-Queen -Princess tip such a great way of thinking about it :)


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