Friday, April 1, 2011

Do you know what CSA stands for?

Until recently I had no idea what CSA stood for. When I was first introduced to the acronym I thought to myself...Hmmmm self, now what could this stand for?

Cougar Sex Association
Community Sanitation Aid
Certified Seduction Allah.
Long story short, I don't know if I would have ever come up with the true meaning ~ Community Supported Agriculture. Maybe I am the only person who did not know the term...but CSAs are about to become the focus of my first post for So here is a sneak peak.

Article #2 time

Enjoy the read and maybe try out your local CSA.

Make it a great day and eat well!


ps...when you google Allah images, just that symbol above comes up....interesting eh?


grady said...

I've been a member of the cougar sex association since 1998.

Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

Anonymous friend ~ "I am going to save Grady"
Grady's response with a big smile on his face ~ "What are you saving me from?"
Who are we are the El Presidente Señor!

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