Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blog 9/365 The twist! Cookie Day recap:)

It is something nobody else can do quite like you...It's your own little twist!

In everything we do, we decide our level of performance. The question is ~ How much energy are you willing to invest to make something preform at an astonishing level?

In recapping International Give a Cookie Day I wanted to share a few stories I have received.

This first story is about a participant who decided to put her own little twist on our simple cookie idea...and really made it AMAZING!

The first message I received read: "I participated for your international cookie day and added a little "me twist" to it:-)" She then proceeded to tell me about these 10 amazing packages she put together for the homeless!!! Each package had a toque, gloves, a scarf, granola bars, fruit cups, buns, Christmas treats (including cookies:-), some breath mints, and a hand written Christmas card! She hit the streets of Toronto approaching the homeless she felt drawn to...chatted with them, connected with them, and shared love! All I could think was WOW!

This next story come comes from a Mom:

"Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring us to "give a cookie". I meant to message earlier, however I have been a little busy cooking and eating!!!! Anyway...a little story...My girls and I and one of their friends packaged up our cookies into festive xmas ziplocs and headed to our local retirement home "The Manor" and started to go room to room! It was so great and sure puts life in perspective....some residents were sleeping, so we just left them by the bedside...a few declined however enjoyed the conversation and was especially touching one lady was unable to speak and we were unsure what to do, so I sat on her bed and just held her hand...the tears started to roll down her cheeks...then the girls just quietly sat down too and just held her hand and rubbed her was pretty special! It always amazes me how kids get more than we think they do....

We met one lady who had an entire room full of knit mittens and scarves etc...and she absolutely loved our visit!!! We shared stories and I have printed off a pattern for dog booties to take back to her, as she has been unable to get one...hehe too great!!!"

Again, how amazing! Steward the youth...connect generation gaps...and continue to build your community!

Another read: "Hey man, bought a dozen cookies from tim hortons... caramel chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin (my favourites) and gave them out today to people at work and one homeless girl and her dog who always asks me for change when I'm sitting in traffic. Good idea & enjoyed the little video you made.. LOL!"

I love these stories!!!

To each of the 270 participants in 2011...I would like to say thank you!

Remember that everyday we have the opportunity to do good...we decided our level of life performance...but only you can add your unique "you twist" to a situation!

Make it a great week! Stephen

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Now it is time for some cookie pictures! :-)


Franny said...

all this made me do is want to eat more cookies!!!! lol. good idea stephen!

Stephen said...

I did eat a fair few myself franny! :-)

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