Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog #2 Thank you, Danke, Merci, Dank u, Grazie, y Gracias!

Thank you, Danke, Merci, Dank u, Grazie, y Gracias!

In under 2days my little "suchielove" blog has received 248 views from 10 different countries!
Now that may not seem like much in comparison to Perez Hilton's acclaimed 1 million hits/day...but I want you each to know you have made me feel very special and I will continue giving my "suchielove" the only way I know how:-)

Nature experience #1
I realized this morning I had forgotten how beautiful Sunrises are. From Barcelona to Cadillac Mountain not forgetting for a second The Grand Canyon, I have seen some amazing sunrises! But in darkness I sat this morning as I also realized I had forgotten to check what time the sunrise would be! Alarm was set for 6am...sun rose at 7:58am! So, by 8am I had...

1. Written a letter to a friend
2. Written in my Journal
3. Practiced a song I am working on.
--> (City in Colour - "The Girl") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGTm4u1UWvg
4. Eaten Breakfast (Warm Oatmeal for a cold morning)
5. Spent some focused time on today's intention..."Accepting"
6. Had great sex...oh wait, that was at 5:45am while dreaming.
7. And finally, hours later, I watched the sunrise

Look at what happened...

Getting up early led to --> Greater accomplishment which induced --> Feelings of connected fulfillment that provided --> Positive perspective beginning the day and ultimately/ironically resulted in --> A very productive, loving and peaceful day.

Hmmmmm, now before I say that maybe "they" are right about the getting up early thing...I have to point out something that hit me like one of those AAAAAHHHHH moments. My actions this morning all connected me with something larger.

- The Sunrise with Nature
- Journal with Self (Yes, I feel we can be disconnected from ourselves)
- The Letter with another Person
- Guitar with the Creative (music has it's own healing rhythm! We listen and play it because it makes us feel good, no?)

So I ask: was waking up at 6am the key to my good day? More then likely, no. However, this morning I was connected with something larger. I did the things I wanted to do serving Self, Others and Nature. In turn, I carried a more positive attitude into my work day. Ultimately, I feel the key lies in the "connect time"...and ironically, that "connect time" just happens to be very available very early in the morning:-)

I will leave you with one last thought as I prepare for bed. Take a positive thought to sleep with you every night. From your deepest desires to your craziest passions...the more you focus on what you want the more likely you are to figure out a way to achieve it!

As will become customary...I thank you for your time, look forward to your participation, hope that all of you 248 people had and orgasm, and encourage you to make life amazing! with love,

ps. anyone know how to set up and exactly what is an RSS feed?

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Buzz said...

Now which name do I use- how about hotness for short? Love the blog- keep it coming!

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