Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Movember! BEER = Changing the face of men's health a positive way!

They thought of the idea over beer! Yes my friends, BEER! Maybe they were tired of waking up hung over and needing to shave or they simply had an internal yearning to be Tom Selleck. Seriously, these are people who come from the land down under and can bring booz to work on Fridays! I feel we should expect nothing less from the Aussies. Trust me, they will always surprise you! Shall I present exhibit A? MOVEMBER!

Now are you ready to see something amazing?
Please scroll down

Wait for it...

Almost there:-) of the best equations EVER!

BEER = Changing the face of men's health a positive way!
(R U KIDDING ME!!!) :-)

In 2009 there were 255,755 MoBros and MoSista who participated in Movember, raising $47million dollars globally! But of course Movember is not just about raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer, even though in Canada all of the 7.8million raised in '09 went to Prostate Cancer Canada. It is obviously about looking good too! You know, unleashing your upper lip! Finding out what it is like to have a little French Tickler. Or as my Movember team and I like to call ourselves and the oh so stylish stache...The Upside Down Crumb Catcher! haha

Serious time again...
Did you know that 1 in 6 guys will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?
Or that 4,400 men will die as a direct result of prostate cancer in 2010!?!

Movember is about more then a moustache! It really is about changing the face and future of men's health! Shall I present Exhibit B? In a Movember survey "39% of MoBros sought medical advice, whilst a further 36% encouraged someone else to seek medical advice" regarding the topics of health, diet, exercise and lifestyle! Now, say a mere half of the 2009 Movember participants were men...that means 49,872.22 (yes .22) men proactively attempted to improved their lives and 46,035.90 tried to improve the lives of others around them. Pretty amazing if you ask me! Undoubtedly more amazing then the moustache I will be rocking after 30 days:-)

My friends, I find charity work very rewarding. Whether you participate in Movember or not, I, I challenge you to try charity work sometime!

If you are interested in participating in or donating to the Movember movement let me know!

O O O I hope there was one for you today:-) As always, make it a great day! with love, Stephen

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