Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog #8 "I lost my focus!"

I am exhausted, and today I lost my focus!

Now here comes the excuse...I have worked every day in November. A complete 15 out of 15 days meets 140ish hours worked! blah blah blah...still an excuse!

Instead of focusing on my wants and what I am working towards, I let the majority of today slip away as I executed my monotonously repetitive task of installing solar panels. Hell, I don't even know what my word of the day was! Ironically, I just looked it up and it was "respectful"! We have a duty to respect ourselves, others and the world around us. Today, I did not respect myself enough to maintain my focus...I got distracted by "the man"(<-- excuse) When we lose our focus, we approach a slippery slope leading no where!

So often we get caught up in the "rat race". We are surrounded by so much external stimuli, that it is easy to become comfortably distracted. Then after 45 years of being comfortably distracted....Hello midlife crisis!(or so I imagine) But it makes sense, no? If you do something you do not love long enough, your bound to feel a lack of fulfillment. So friends I challenge you to maintain your focus! I challenge you to be great!

Signing off with hopes that you make today everything you want it to be! Ooo and Orgasm! ha Sending love, Stephen

(side note...if you have yet to identify your wants...take some time and identify them. Then, respect yourself enough to maintain your focus in their direction and be great!)

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