Sunday, November 14, 2010


"Should" dominated much of my life. Society said: "Stephen you should do X because it will get you Y" and I listened. Subsequently, I lived with this gut feeling of fallacy.

Now I focus on one question...WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?

What do you want today?
This weekend?
Next month?
Next year?
In 5 years?
In 10 years?
In 50 years?
In a lover?
In Friends?
In a career?
In your life? ect....

Honest answers to these questions are priceless! For when we know what we want-->we can make a plan. When we have a plan to implement/execute-->we will be working in the direction of our wants! Ironically enough, life brings us what we ask for! A little side caveat, life may not always bring you what you want exactly how you expected be specific! :-)

So, what do I want by the end of November 2010?

- I want to know where I am moving come January 2011 (open for suggestions...?)
- I want to have 50-100 participants/followers of this blog. More Specific - Click Follow.
- I want a good kiss... MORE SPECIFIC - I want a good kiss with a lady I am interested in!
- I want the blog to have received at least 1,7500 hits.
- I want to have finished production on 3 video projects
- I want to have helped at least 3 people identify their present wants
- I want to have finished my TV treatment
- I want to have had dinner with my Uncle John and Aunt Mary.
- I want to have raised $100 for the Movember campaign
- I want to have the 5 remaining solar arrays installed
- I want an operational website/fb page/and youtube site geared around this blog. more specific - also owned by me and maintaining creative control.
- I want to have finished the 2 books I am reading.
- I want to know what I need to do to legitimately get/stay on Wikipedia!
- I want to have people participating in Decembers blog challenges.
- I want Decembers blogging goals to be outlined.
- I want to have visited with all of my grandparents
- I want to know what I will do for an income once moved in Jan 2011...again suggestion?

I am signing off tonight with a fact I found fascinating. I was amazed to read about Japanese companies that had century business plans! In our crazy connected "Now, now, now" world, how amazing is it to think 100 years out!?! Have you ever? Seriously, all of our actions today affect future generations! So I ask you again...What do you want?

Written with suchielove and hopes that you are orgasming daily! Make it a good one! stephen


J said...


Oddly enough I have thought 100 years out...kinda. "I want" to live to 100 and I often picture what I will be able to do when I'm 100 and what I have accomplished and the places I've seen and things I've done by then...

I wonder if many of us do that??


nicole said...

If Denver still pulls your heart strings, there will be plenty of good times ahead. Let me know what you decide!

Stephen said...

J - I feel some do while the majority allow themselves to live distracted, simply figuring out ways to get through the day.
So what are your top-5 100 year goals?

Nicky Nole! an ode to the playing of heart strings:-) decisions decisions decisions...

J said...

haha...only 5??? My bucket list has become a short book...hehe I never thought of putting them in order. Let me think on that...I'll get back to you....come to think of it, for sure I'm certain that they will change down the road, but by this weekend I will prioritize my current top 5!

J :)

jeremy said...

I am obviously suggesting South Florida as your next destination. I mean, how can you go wrong? Golf, Beach, Beautiful Women, oh yeah and it's winter time right now, and it's 70 degrees out and gorgeous! But beyond that, you totally got me thinking about a 100 year plan. Did the Rockefeller's, Ford's, Flagler's of the world realize the extent of their imaginations. Do you think that when Henry Ford invented the Model T, he would have ever imagined a V12 engine that can handle speeds of nearly 200 mph. Maybe he knew it was possible all along? Loving your blog budddddddddyyyyyyyy! Keep up the good work!!!!

Stephen said...

J - are your top 5 prioritized?

Jer - "If I'd asked people what they wanted...they would have said, faster horses" ~ Henry Ford

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