Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Read if you use Wikipedia.

Nearly 400Million people use Wikipedia and it's sister sites daily...that is almost a third of the internet connected world!!! If you have ever used Wikipedia in the past, or think you will use Wikipedia in the future...may I humbly suggest reading this Personal appeal from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales.

Make it a good day world...MOVEMBER IS ALMOST DONE! Oooooooooooo YA! sending love, suchie


Amanda said...

WoW! 400 Million people a day!

Here's a fun fact for you brother..... Did you know........... The United States reached 300 million people in 2006 and the US population is set to reach 400 million by 2039, four years earlier than previously projected, according to new population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Stephen said...

400million is a big number! bye 2030, China will have built 300-400million square feet of livable/covered area! to put that in perspective...that is comparable to building the entire present day US!

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