Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Wikipedia

On October 14th, 2010...Facebook status:

"Stephen Szucs Thank you crazy Hungarian last name for buying me sometime! Search results for Stephen Szucs in Wikipedia = 0. Objective -> To be the first Stephen Szucs in Wikipedia on or b4 Oct 14th 2011! Now how will I accomplish this?!"

Today --> November 29th, 2010...9:09pm

Step 1. Identify goal = complete!
Step 2. Design a plan = initiated
Step 3. Implement plan = not commenced
Step 4. Evaluate progress = not commenced
Step 5. The Expiry Date = October 14th, 2011
Step 6. The Celebration!

I sat down tonight with the intention of writing a letter to Wikipedia. So, realizing I had my objective, I began:

"Dear Wikipedia,

I want to begin with a simple Thank you! "

And that my friends, is as far as my letter to Wikipedia got! Now you probably already guessed it, but it took me a greeting plus a sentence to come to the realization...the answer to my question was most likely ALRAEDY ON WIKIPEDIA!!! So I searched "How does one get on Wikipedia?" As irony would have it, seconds later my answer arrived..."Notability!"

You see..."Wikipedia covers notable topics—those that have been "noticed" to a significant degree by independent sources." Better said, "Notability determines wether a topic merits its own article on Wikipedia."

In response to my Facebook status one friend wrote: "I would say either becoming famous or infamous. In your time frame infamous may be the easier road." However, Wikipedia is not a popularity contest...It is an encyclopedia, and if you meet the general notability guidelines you are golden! (General Notability Guidelines)

So, what is my plan to become notable enough to warrant my own Wikipedia article? Yet to be determined...but i am happy to continue the journey with this information:-)

To be continued...

make it a good day and practice safe sex! sending love, suchie

ps...Got a notability idea for me?


J said...

Well...lots of idea's, but it really has to be your kinda thing as far as the notability part goes. Try to tie it into your blog...then perhaps you could gain more visitors and followers too....How much time do you have?? Cause it could be big!!! What's something you love, and could you have a contest that drives traffic to your blog in order to enter...What could a prize be in a contest? Something no one has ever done?? Apparently there has been some crazy contests out there...Would you get someone to donate a prize...or...hmmmm so many things you could do???

Stephen said...

i have been brainstorming! :-)

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