Friday, December 3, 2010

10 day Challenge #1!

December 3rd, 2010

10 Day Challenge #1

Start Date - Saturday, December 4th, 2010
End Date - Monday, December 13th, 2010
Participants : Suchie and Ian!
Duration - 10 Days.
Challenge - Wake up at 6am everyday!

Not that hard right? Well one thing I certainly learned from November's steps! We really must walk before we can run. So 10 day challenge #1...I spoke with Ian this morning in North Carolina and here is what we are going to do activity wise...Exercise, Journal, Read, Write letters, a morning walk with Nature, Watch a sunrise, and maybe a yoga morning!

So tomorrow we are both going to the gym...Ian in NC and I in Canada!

I am going to Vlog(video blog) everyday of the journey and Ian will do a 5 and 10 day recap.

Always loving, Always living, Always learning! If you want to join in just let me know:-)

Make it a good day world! Maybe a little Friday Afternoon delight? haha
Sending love, Suchie


Tilly Rivers said...

Will you be posting pictures? I want to see the sunrise!!!

Stephen said...

Oh and just FYI, here is what my world looks like the next 10days. Lets start with the fact that I have had 3days off since Nov1. I have a scheduled ESA inspection of 4 solar arrays on Tuesday that I will finish preparing for over the weekend...not to mention the LDC service connects! A step mom leaving for Africa on Wednesday. 4 friends from FL coming into town from Thurs-Sunday. And a Sister leaving for Africa on the 13th! As previously stated "Time flies when you are having fun or really busy!" you can do this! lets get it! :-) sending love, suchie!

Stephen said...

Pictures and Video! :-)

J said...

Give Cheri a hug from me.


MJ said...

Let's do yoga together! I'll be near you the weekend of the 11th!

Stephen said...

Jackie so happy to have you on board for challenge #1! Tomorrow morning...journal and music...aka guitar for Ian and I!
MJ I was thinking of doing a 10 or 30 day yoga challenge:-) Where are you teaching on Thursday morning?

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