Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 1/10...and I am up!

Day 1/10 ~ Saturday December 4th, 2010...6:11 am

Good morning! So step one of this challenge...check mark ...I am up:-) haha Just received a text from Ian:"Morning, time to walk the dog" and I already feel we have a head start on our days!

First thing I am is really dark out and also really quite! Second thing I am noticing, my mind is surprisingly sharp on my 4th day off since November 1st and on 4 hours sleep. (could it be because I love doing this?) I am finding this quite solitude to be amazing! Pure, distractionless think time! It seems I will have more of this pure and distractionless think time in the dark too...the sun does not rises until 7:35 am! haha

So what are the activities we will preform for this 10 day challenge?
First we will get up at 6am everyday! haha
Day 1 - Journal, guitar (something musical) and walk...
Day 2 - Reflect on "wants/goals", start knitting a scarf(do something for someone else), hit the Gym
Day 3 - Journal, write a letter to a loved one, watch the sunrise
Day 4 - Gym and guitar
Day 5 - Read 10 pages, Journal, Sunrise
Day 6 - Yoga and think about life direction
Day 7 - Gym and then make visiting friends breakfast
Day 8 - Watch the Sunrise over Niagara Falls with my camera!
Day 9 - Watch the Sunrise from the top of a building in Toronto and then get my hungover friends breakfast.
Day 10 - Journal reflection/sunrise/make sister breakfast on her departing day to Africa!

Ok it is 6:43 am and I just finished playing some guitar...still dark outside and it is time to Journal!

7:25am ~ the sun is almost up and I almost forgot about our intention of the day!

Today's intention is "Open" ~ Be open to your dreams! Be open to the possibilities life presents you! View things with Open eyes, love with an Open heart, and think with an Open mind!

Make it a good day world! One word...wait for it...Orgasm! sending love, suchie!

ps...Ian started his man diary today...aka journal! Congrats bro:-)


Stephen said...

Oh and I forgot to mention Jackie is also on board for Challenge #1! Thanks for coming along for the journey:-)

Sara Phillips said...

Oh I want to start doing yoga again! Maybe I will wake up the mister and have him do it with some mornings before Miss Nora wakes up!

I'd love to join you for that sunrise over Niagara but I think I will sit that one out this go-round. ;o)

Stephen said...

sunrise is tomorrow and i am looking at the falls right now:-)

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