Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 5/10...Plane Letter Pic!

Ever seen one of these?

Its a plane letter:-)

I took my first flight by myself when I was 12. You see, my parents are divorced, and after my mom got re-married we moved from Canada to Florida. (Probably sounds a lot cooler then it was at the time) Anyways, in order to visit the rest of my family, 1,300miles away, in the friendly skies I few...bonus = I was always escorted by a stewardess:-) I was also almost always accompanied by a plane letter! My mom loves traditions...and this was one of ours.

Plane letters are awesome and a tradition I have carried on!
The plane letter above is for my step-mom who leaves for Africa today.
If you have never received or written a plane letter, I highly recommend it! They simply make people feel loved!

Side note...I have been receiving "Thanks" from the letters I wrote in November and it feels awesome!
When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

Today's focus word is "inspire." With all the garbage stimulation out there...focus on what inspires you for clarity! When you are drained and feeling low...focus on what inspires you for an added boost! When you are moving in a positive direction...focus on what inspires you to gain more momentum! Lastly...How do you inspire others? Will you be a source a inspiration in 50 years? You can be a source of inspiration today!

Make it a good day world! Its Happy Hump day! sending love, Suchie

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