Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 4/10...Hello Snow Sunrise:-)

Day 4/10...Dec 7th, 6:34am...Hello Snow!

It is seriously like a winter wonderland out there! Many schools in the local area have already canceled school...reason...SNOW DAY! I remember as a kid how I LOVED snow days! As the snow fell the evening prior, my sister and I would wait by the radio listening for the school cancellation information. If our county was called...I knew I was building a snow fort with my best friend the next day! Snow days were the unexpected days you got to forget about everything and could simply enjoy life.

This got me thinking...how many of us plan time to forget about everything and simply enjoy life?

I encourage you to plan some "Enjoy Life Time!" Nothing else involved...just the loves of your life! Oh and if you are thinking..."Suchie, I don't have the time!" Well, one thing getting up early has really given me, is just that, more time. :-) The morning can be YOUR quite time! No distractions...just love!

Today's intention/focus word is "Serving" ... How is what you do serving others? In fifty years, how will you have served the greater good?

Make it a good day world! And maybe if you are snowed in you will find sometime to warm up with someone else under the sheets;-) sending love, Suchie

Picture below...Today's overcast and snowy sunrise:-)

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Sara Phillips said...

Looks so pretty!

Michelle Crooks said...

I love the farmm :) i hope you're there when I come up in January!

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