Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog 12/365 ThinkTankThursday ~ The Next Generation!

Think Tank Thursday ~ TTT ~ Triple T!

Over the next four weeks I am going to do a series called Think Tank Thursdays! Every Thursday our post will revolve around a thought tantalizing topic. The Thursday Think Tank Topic will come from an external source and I invite you to share your know I will certainly share mine:-)

TTT#1 ~ The Next Generation

It's time for our generation to step-up!

Todays' topic was inspired after reading the following excerpt from "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" ~ Thomas L. Friedman

"I have always believed," said Jeff Immelt, "that every generation looks back at the generation before it and has one big question about something they did or did not do. For our generation, the big question to the generation before us was 'How could good people be so prejudiced against blacks or women?' I am convinced that when our kids are fifty, and they look back at us, they are going to ask us:'What were you thinking? You were the richest country in the world. You had the technology to really make a difference on things like global warming. Why were you so slow to do the right things?' The are going to say, 'Gosh, what were you doing?'"
Friends..."What do you want younger generations to say about you?"

"Every two weeks China opens coal-fired power plats big enough to serve all the households of Minneapolis!" Polluting Power! Now if you can tell me that in your gut, you do not feel something is wrong with that...I may just call you an XXX<-insert not nice word here! From extraction, to burning, to piling the waste...there is nothing clean about coal! In my books "Clean Coal" ties with "Smart Idiot" as the most oxymoronic phrases ever! It is time to start living in a sustainable manner->Read this blog for proof!

Again I ask...."What do you want younger generations to say?"

I want younger generations to say..."Thank you for the sustainable future you have left us. Thank you for your example. Thank you for taking a proactive role in stewarding the planet and protecting the biodiversity that surrounds us. Thank you for caring about us! You guys F&*^ing Rock!"

So lets step up! Yes, lets work toward our wants. Yes, lets do it in services of others. Yes, lets develop a sustainable global future! Yes, lets do it now! What do you think this Thursday? ;-)

Make it a great day!
Sending love,


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Sara Phillips said...

I think that this is a great post. I think that most people depend on others or our government to do this, or would do more if they knew how! Maybe you could educate us or give us tips on your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

dude most of the world wants a sustainable development strategy, unfortunately while ancient technology (fossil fuel) is more cost effective and can produce large profits, greedy bastards who run these companies will still do it! Massive government subsidies are need to promote green technology and give it the financial insentives need for implementation (china actually do this by the way with solar panels, but they've done it too such extremes that no other country in the world can compete with the prices they can offer, so everyone complains about it). Anyway sorry to rant but its a system that is so financially driven its hard to change. But everyone can do they're part. Energy efficiency in the home. Exercise and public transport over cars. You know same old stuff!
Keep it real brother
Tim Carter

Stephen said...

Sara and Timmy...a blog post is coming regarding just these topics! I feel that you both are absolutely correct! We all have the opportunity to make a knows what will happen if we all make just a little difference? 6.8billion people taking care of the environment...could that equal sustainability? make it a great day!

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