Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog 11/365 I bet on me!

I have come to view my life in 3 phases thus far....

Phases 1 ~ "should do"
Beginning in my formative years and continuing through University...I did what other people told me I "should do"... Partially in fear, partially in comfort, and partially due to lack of desire. They said "do this" -> "get that" -> and you will be happy! After graduating I realized...I had never really done what I truly wanted! Hello phase 2:-)
Phases 2 ~ "I want....hmmmm....experiences!"
After turning down a "dream job" in the eyes of many...I was 21 and it was time to backpack Europe! Then I was 22 and it was time to ride...aka hello 2 seasons in Breckenridge, Colorado!!! Then I was 24 and it was time to teach some English and learn some Spanish...I LOVE BARCELONA! Quarter life crises or off to lead guided tours across the US and Canada...hmmmm....here is an ode to TrekAmerica, the 45 states it took me to, the amazing people it brought into my life, and the countless memories. Time for South America...Buenas Aries, Iguazu Falls, BUS RIDES, a flooded Machu Picchu, an early flight home, more amazing experiences with people I will never forget and all of a sudden I was driving to Canada. 26 and starting a company...trying to set up a sustainable business while trusting and relying on others in a market stimulated bye a government incentive = learning experience. I wanted awesome experiences...I got awesome experiences! A few scars on the heart later...I have life long friends and memories that make me smile at any hour of the day! Ultimately though...where was my purpose? Where was my direction? BOOM, BOOM, POW...initiate Phase 3!

Phases 3 ~ "I bet on me"
I have always been great at dreaming but lacked an action plan. I can tell you what I want but could never tell you how I was going to get there. I could/can adapt to just about any situation...so why worry about the details? XXXXXXXXXX <-insert annoying incorrect buzzer sound here) I want purpose! I want spontaneity and the ability to adapt...but it is time to define! It is time to actively work towards my goals, wants, and desires...in service others while supporting the development of a sustainable global future! For the first time in my life I know what I am working towards...I am identifying wants...I am working on my action plan...I am inspired...I am motivated...I bet on me!

This blog will continue to chronicle our journey! Whether you are along for the ride or want to actively participate...know that you are welcome here. Spread the word and invite others. Lets continue to build a community where we support each other, work towards our wants, support/steward our global community, and develop a sustainable future for all.
All that being said, don't forget Blog 4/365~"No one can take care of you better then you!"

Grow your awareness->Focus your thought->Focus your actions-> Bet on you!

Always living, laughing, learning, and loving!
make it a great day!



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katherine said...

i think i've just hit phase 3 as well. but i think phases 1 and 2 were the best, most educational routes to get there. xx

Bree in Spain said...

I followed the same path and now I'm beginning Phase 3 as well!

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