Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog 15/365 Get Out There!

January 15th ~ 3:23pm

The movies were was due to be dark in an hour and a half...snow was falling...the wind was howling...and quite frankly we were tired. Friends, we almost stayed in!

HOWEVER...instead of letting a lethargic attitude overcome us, we loaded the pups into the vehicle and drove to the nearest conservation area.

A walk, a talk, some laughs and a great picture or two later...I am so happy we got out there!

Remember that you only live GET OUT THERE!

Make it a great day and enjoy the photos!


The 3 Amigos
Semi-Silhouette of Bella
Bengi & Mya
Nature Walk & the pups = AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

You are in inspiration!

Nancy Sywak said...

So cute... my bullmastiff Isla Mae would have loved it!

Amanda M Szucs said...

Mya looks so happy :) I can't wait to squeeze her! Thanks for loving her so much!

Stephen said...

She loves me more then I can love her! Anonymous writer from comment #1 - inspiration is all around us, eh! :-) NsA...bring Mae next time! make it a good day world! ps...18 people FB liked this! very cool:)

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