Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog 17/365 Mission Health! Phase 1!

According to StatCanada 29% of Canadian Adolescents are overweight or obese!!! In the States, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 17% of americans ages 2-19 are OBESE!


Seriously!!! How disgusting are those numbers! It boggles my mind to think that there are starving children around the globe...while 1 in 4 children/adolescents in North America are either overweight or obese!!!

So what can we do?

Do you have any ideas? My best answer is to simply provide a good example of healthy living. Frequently, I find that action stems from increased awareness. So today we activate "Mission Health!"


Now to avoid confusion, I figured I would visit my old friend Mr. Dictionary again...

~ the state of being free of illness or injury
~ a person's mental or physical condition

Question - Do you exercise regularly? Better question...Do you exercise your mind, body, and spirit regularly? To me, "healthy living" encompasses physical, mental and spiritual elements. I passionately believe that their maintenance is crucial to living a healthy life!

Phase 1 of Mission Health ~ Growing our knowledge!

If you read yesterdays blog, you would have read my declaration...


What I failed to mention is that one of my personal missions is to live a healthy life. One reason I LOVE FOOD is because I love to fuel my body well. What we put in our bodies, directly correlates with our performance! You would not put crap fuel in a Ferrari...would you?

With fueling our bodies in mind...Lets talk about the "Cooking Corner"

I started the "Cooking Corner" yesterday with the intention of giving us a place to share healthy I need recipes! :-) So give me what you got...Pictures...Videos...or simply Words. I will post it as long as it is healthy! Post it as a comment or e-mail me. ( If you know of anyone who has good recipes or would be interested...share/e-mail them this post. Post this link on your Facebook wall...

Lets grow our knowledge so that we can live healthier lives...provide an example...and stimulate change!

Make it a great day!

Sending love, Suchie

ps. thought I would show you my "3 weeks to ripped" progress...still got some work to do before I am ready to be Tarzan! haha :-)
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Brandellaa said...

The link is on this post as well as what I added :) They're super easy!

Anonymous said...

health habits start with the parents- this is not a blame factor- most working families can not find the time to pack lunches- or the kids refuse to eat it. Finding 'great tasting' and healthy food for kids is a challenge for all of us, kids especially.

Stephen said...

Brandy - LOVE IT!

Til ~ I agree! However, I imagine many can't "find time"...and others simply don't "make time"!

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