Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blog 2/365 Here we go!

I am excited to say that tomorrow starts "Journal Challenge 2011!"

(my journal)

Journaling has always been a way for me to collect my thoughts...sometimes prior, while other times post marquee events. It has allowed me to be creative, to cry, to laugh, and to love. "Journal Challenge 2011" is intended to challenge us, to promote both both internal and external awareness, and to inspire us as we continue working towards our wants, goals, and desires.

Presently we have 8 participants, and if you would like to participate...or said you wanted to but did not receive an e-mail from me this morning, January 3rd...please let me know (

In closing I want to share a conversation I had earlier today. A friend and I were speaking about how crucial communication is...from our families, to our friends, to strangers, to ourselves...with positive and open lines of communication, healthy relationships can develop. Friends, journaling provides us an avenue inside. It affords us the opportunity to collect our thoughts. It simply improves our communication!

Personally I really look forward to spending some "focus time" with my journal over the next 14 days. I look forward to thinking, growing, and expanding internal communication channels. And I thank you for your support and inspiration!

Make 2011 AMAZING!!!
Sending Love, Suchie

ps. Why do I still have these Wolverine chops on my face? haha

(A picture to remember them by)

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MSM said...

I have written in a journal for years, and of course have a personal daily blog that I am writing too. Everyone should do it- if not a public one- most certainly a private one.

Much love

Stephen said...

love it, LOVE IT, and love you! Journals are amazing outlets! The always silent friend:) FELL BETTER ALREADY TILLY!

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