Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog 4/365 No one can take care of you like you!

"Dad, why do polar bears have black skin?"
"Because it enables them absorb warmth son."

"Dad, why do polar bears need to absorb warmth?"
"Because they live in the very cold Arctic son"

"Well why do polar bears live in the Arctic Dad?"
...can you imagine how long this dialogue could go on for? :)

I love the inherent curiosity of children. They are like sponges, constantly soaking up knowledge from the most fundamental perspective. They ask questions before thinking about consequences, fear of embarrassment, or the possibility of rejection.

They say: "You never know until you ask"
Well they forget to mention to prepare yourself for life changing answers!

As my childish curiosity would have it, I am constantly asking questions. One of my favorite questions to ask "seasoned" individuals is: "If you could give the younger generation one piece of advice...what would it be?" While, during my time living in Breckenridge Colorado, I received two of those life changing answers...I simply didn't realize it at the time.

"Suchie, no one can take care of you like you!" and "Do what you love to do"

Friends, we are responsible for what we see in our lives. (Trust fund babies excluded from the monetary perspective of course) If you want something in your life...you are the best person to make that happen. You choose the day...it can be any day! Focus your thoughts...indentify your desires...and ACT!

Make it a great day! Always living, learning, laughing, and loving! And always asking questions!:-)



Bree in Spain said...

This is great. I love to sit with older people now and just listen.

Stephen said...

You are great Bree! so much we can learn listening eh:-)

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