Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is better with a Copilot

Lets talk copilots

~ Batman has Robin

~ Siskel had Ebert

~ Bert has Ernie

~ Husbands have wives

Who do you have?

Who is the person in your life that keeps you headed in the right direction?

I raise this question because right now I am not sure who my copilot is. I have some amazing friends and family...but copilots are the people who laugh with you, support you, challenge you, slap you straight, and grow with you day in and day out.

Recently I have been looking for a new copilot or two. Yes copilots will come and go, some flights in life are simply shorter then others...but copilots are crucial!

We just have to keep moving in the right direction!

Therefor, right now I feel that you guys are my copilots...yes I would love more interaction and connection...but you keep me moving in the right direction. Day in and out as I write about my dreams, thoughts, and goals...you give me your opinions and love. Life is better with a copilot...so Thank you!
my copilot of love:-)

Make it a great day, you never know who might need you to be their copilot. AKA, invest in others..

with love,


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