Monday, February 28, 2011


There are sharp pains radiating through my back intermixed with involuntary muscle spasms...I do believe this what they call "throwing out your back" and FUCK IT HURTS!

Seriously, I have probably taken more ibuprofen today then I have in the past year...and the worst part is, after the obvious pain...I don't even have a good story for you!

I was not rescuing the neighbors daughter from a burning building....saving a kitty stuck in a tree...having crazy and wild monkey sex...or getting granny away from a charging heard of black rhinos. I was simply putting my yoga bag in a friends trunk.

Our day plan was to practice yoga and then continue to market our new business venture.

But you already know it...sometimes life throws us a curve ball! We don't know when the next natural disaster will hit, if we will get in a car accident today, or if we will contract a deadly illness.

All we can do is plan, prepare and adapt.

I took a minute, literally a minute, to walk across the kitchen and take the following picture.
Friends...wear your nice clothes, enjoy your body, and live for a legacy of love!
I am going to go hobble upstairs now:p

Make it a great day!


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MSM said...

Healing love your way.

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