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Lets talk Nuclear! Read to end

Lets talk Nuclear...
On March 14th I wrote:
"Yes, I am a proponent for safe nuclear power generation...Yes, I am an even larger proponent for clean/sustainable power generation and energy efficiency measures...and YES, I believe that from it's extraction, to burning, to burial ~ COAL IS DIRTY AND FINITE!"

If you have yet to read the last 2 post...5 minutes now will set the background.

March 14th ~ Nuclear Power

Before jumping into key issues raised in the Anonymous Comment, I would like to take a second to clarify...when I said "I am an even larger proponent for clean/sustainable power generation and energy efficiency measures" one can derive the following...

I want sustainable energy and energy efficient technologies to be implemented on a global scale. I would welcome the end of nuclear and coal fired energy generation.

My present nuclear position is simply based on the following:
1. our glutenous societal energy consumption
2. the finite and dirty nature of coal
3. political ineptness to implement stewarding policy

Ultimately, my question for you all is ~ Would you welcome the end of nuclear and coal fired energy generation knowing your energy costs will increase?

Sadly, we already know the answer. I am rolling the dice here, but I highly doubt the majority of you live in a home with SolarPV, Wind, a battery bank, Geothermal, and sustainable standards of energy efficiency....

Now moving onto our Anonymous Commenter(AC)...

Our AC states: "There is no room for an "oops factor" at a nuclear plant" and I absolutely agree with that! Quention ~ are you prepared to tell future generations "Yes, we knew we were pumping tons coal fired CO2 into the atmosphere but didn't care enough to stop...oops/sorry"...?

AC states: "coal is dirty but nuclear is down right toxic" & "The waste that nuclear energy produces will damage Mother Earth beyond repair..." Well until the government steps up, we the people demand change on a massive level, or the consumer puts their money where their mouth is...we are left with a situation where you have to pick your poison.
1. Yes nuclear waste is extremely dangerous!
2. Nuclear waste treatment is possible, however the technology has been suppressed.
2. The total amount of nuclear waste created from all the energy I would consume in my entire lifetime, would fit in a Coke/Pepsi can.
3. In the last 150 years our Atmospheric CO2 has gone from 280ppm to 391.76ppm! A direct and measurable result of burning fossil fuels. (talk about almost beyond repair!)
CO2now ~ present atmospheric CO2
Real Climate ~ Measurability of CO2

AC states: "Nuclear energy for this area...If this plan ever becomes a reality, I would move my family far away without a doubt. It only takes one tiny mistake to make cause a catastrophe disaster to occur." Yes, I agree that one tiny mistake can lead to a catastrophic event. However, I also feel we are making a little mistake everyday, a mistake that will keep adding up everyday we continue to burn coal/oil/fossil fuels. Yes AC...both coal and nuclear are used like you said: "So that we can have power so that we can have modern conveniences." How sad is that eh!?!

Now the semi-personal attack from AC: "If or when you become responsible for another human life, other than your own, you may in fact change your tune. With age comes experience and wisdom. Before you make such statements here on your blog or anywhere else, do you homework." The audacity of that statement amazes, for I would imagine(not being a parent myself) that a parent would want to steward a world for their child/children. However, many are purely teaching glutenous consumption, I dare not say most without sourcing and therefor giving legitimate grounds for the comment "do you homework". Lastly, regardless of age, if nothing is learned from an experience...can you really draw a correlation to wisdom? Frankly it is parental inactivity that saddens me most...if we could be Chain for a day..maybe it would get asses in gear! READ THIS ~ Not Homework

So lets talk alternatives...
Wind, Solar PV, Geothermal, Hydro-electric(Tidal, Current) or the largest energy saver...ENERGY EFFICIENCY! For these to really scale, you need consumer demand or a government to say enough is enough and PASS LONG LASTING POLICY! Businesses are in the game to make money and will adapt to policy! If a government says: "By 2020 all energy in our country will be generated via green/sustainable systems, we will pay fairly, not to mention provide a long term contract." BUSINESS WILL RESPOND! If you the consumer, whether parent, child or "normal dude," unitedly demand different product...BUSINESS WILL RESPOND! But are we willing to put our money where our mouths are?

If actions are any reflection...for many it seems the answer is "No."

Now how could I forget the EBM machine!?! If anyone knows someone with an extra 25million and a Local Distribution Company willing to issue a power of purchase agreement...this is a sustainable energy solution! Actually...if you just know someone willing to put up the money...we can battle to obtain a power of purchase agreement. Let me know!

In closing I want to reiterate what I wrote above:

I want sustainable energy and energy efficient technologies to be implemented on a global scale. I would welcome the end of nuclear and coal fired energy generation.

As we are all seeing in Japan...building reactors in areas prone to natural geo movement is dangerous.

So do we get green and clean...or continue with business as usual?

Guys and Gals...we have the choice! We choose what we buy and who we elect!

Thanks, make it a great day and lets choose love and stewardship!

Suchie quotes of AC were direct quotes, errors included.


J said...

Well put!!

J :)

Lisa said...

This was a good convo. I appreciated it... How can one not appreciate good ol' fashioned debate.

Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

Thanks J and Lisa!

Lis, got any other debate categories?

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