Friday, March 11, 2011

I talk to Strangers

Fact #1 ~ I like talking to strangers:-)

Fact #2 ~ right now you are probably thinking "Suchie, you're weird."

Fact #3 ~ I am certain many have shared that same "weird" sentiment.

Fact #4 ~ today I spoke with the following strangers...
2 homeless gents
An American money manager for CPP (Canada Pension Plan)
A Hungarian tradesman who had not seen his sister in 12 years but could actually pronounce my last name!
A guy with a busted iphone 4...but nice rolex
An Asian guy from an island close to Madagascar
An Indian lady who sat beside me
A rather hefty chap eating a pastry who could not spell Vixen (I also misspelt vixen)
and a film tech...subject ~ female BO

Seriously...what is weird about that? haha If anything, I prefer to view it as "unique":-) Yes, today I spoke with numerous strangers...and Yes, new experiences lead to new growth.

Fact #5 ~ all friends were once strangers!

To all the present friends/former strangers in my life, I would like to say thank you for talking. You have made my life better. Today, I went in with no expectations...and as I lay my head to rest tonight, I have new relationships in my life.

Always living, learning, laughing, and loving!

Make it a great day and go say Hi,



Nick Rose said...

I love to talk to strangers myself Steven. Sometimes it is very rewarding. I love talking to the old timers at the VA hospital and learn about WW2 from the men and women that actually lived it.
Love and Hugs to you brother.

tillyrivers said...

I love talking with strangers, guess that puts me in the 'weird' club with you and Nick. ~giggles~


Stephen aka "Suchie" said...

we certainly are in the uniquely weird club! :-)

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