Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maybe I missed the boat

What do you do when you feel empty?

I am always preaching the positive...but today as I drove through suburbia...I just felt empty. My passion to develop a sustainable global future remaines...but I couldn't help but think...How can we change this?

How do we change a neighborhood with no public transportation?
How do we change the fact that many modern neighborhoods are built without side walks?

Yes, every path is the right path... dreams can come true...but how do we implement sustainable business practices in a society dominated by corporate giants and many greased pockets? (no I do not have proof of "greased pockets")

In an amazing conversation I had today with a friend I am lucky to have...she brought up a very interesting point...with balance existing in the world...Is there as much evil as good?

How can good triumph over evil is there is an equal amount of both good and evil......?

something to think about on a Thursday...

make it a great day,


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