Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where have I been?!?


So someone asked me the other day..."Stephen, where has the blog been?"

Well let me apologize, frankly friends I am working on ways to make money...I would love to say that blogging provides me with more then enough money to be financially solvent, however that would be a fictional truth.

What have I been up to you ask?
Well, I have completed my move to London Ontario and have a little snap snap shoot coming up on the 1st:-) The Solar project I have been working has it's hydro hook up today...WOOOHOOO! AND Sammy and I are going to be in a fashion show benefitting The Canadian Kidney Society on June 14th! NOW....considering there will be a Boxers and Bow-tie set in the fashion show, yesterday we started ~ Mission Man!
Goal = Turn Squishy Sammy in to Svelte Sammy!
TIME LINE = 3 weeks
Here is what we are working with...
Considering Sammy has to be at work for 7am...the 5am alarms started sounding yesterday.
I am doing the cooking and training...and Sammy is just going to keep eating, working and living! lol

We have our Zegna suit fittings today;-)
If you forgot who Ermenegildo Zegna about my $4,000 Jacket!

Will work on getting May's 12 in 12 done today!

Make it a good day world and thanks for the love:-)


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