Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 3/10...Scarf Pic:-)

So there it is! The first scarf in the Suchie Collection 2010!

Now you may be thinking..."Suchie, that is such a baby scarf! What are you going to do with that?" Well you would be exactly is a baby scarf...and I am giving it to a baby named Nora:-) Nora just had her 6month b-day in November and is the little girl of two amazing friends of mine!

Todays focus word is "Constructive"...Address your personal and professional goals from a different angle today! Find constructive solutions and think in constructive manners. Trust me...there is a way to constructively connect with those "Challenged" co-workers! (I say "challenged" in lieu of F&%*ING I$*%T!)

Lastly today, I would like to say thank you again to Jackie and Ian for their participation in this challenge. You 2 have made getting up a 6am far more fun then I imagined!

Make it a good day world! A horizontal Polka would be a good thing! sending love, Suchie

The scarf! :)

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J said...

Haha!! Just catching up on your blogs, as I try to stay off my computer on the weekends. Only communicate via BB on weekends. Anyway, funny enough I have been working on some scarves for the lovely ladies I work with for xmas gifts during my early mornings (of course, not while under the covers (;). Crochet though...Anyway I can relate to the darkness thing. Winter is tough for me to get up, as the sunshine is usually my alarm clock in the summer. Thanks for the morning texts...they help to ensure I drag my ass up and out of bed. Funny enough I had to take a very hard lesson "today" in acceptance. My daughter had an early morning appointment an hour away, however they goofed the date...I had to ACCEPT the error and drive an hour back home. Kinda tough, but I managed without blowing my top. Tomorrow we will remake that trip, with a smile on our faces and learn to accept that people make mistakes and that life goes on....

And of course I am also being very constructive at work today, as I always am...with a twist!

:) J

Stephen said...

You are a Hooker!?! Aka you crochet! I don't know if we can be I thank you and Ian for letting me send you morning text messages...together we absolutely accomplish more! The next challenge should be rather entertaining re:morning texts...Hope you are ready! :-)

ps. sorry to hear about the mess up with your little lady's appointment

J said...

...already looking forward to the next challenge!!! The early mornings have been good. It's only about an hour earlier than I usually get up, but gives me time to have the bathroom to myself, organize my thoughts (I have issues with shutting my brain off...)and feel better prepared for the day. Thanks :)

Stephen said...

preparation + opportunity = preparation :-)

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