Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Anonymous Comment...read till end;)

In response to the Things Forgotten post, an Anonymous reader wrote:

"If you do not share the memory, If you do not share what hurt you, why it hurt you, what made the memory come back, then why do I care? I want to care, but you are hiding your inner most feelings and only those feelings revealed will allow me follow you. Who is Suchielove, really, what makes him tick?"

Ask and you shall receive...I am an open book friends:-)

So, In preparing a response, a few things struck me...

~ Is it necessary to know every detail about someone to care for them?

As you know, one of my life missions is to steward the planet for future generations. All I know about these future generations is that they will come from the same energy we did. I care about them simply because, to care is to love! However yes, relationship growth comes with knowledge and shared experiences.

Then I thought about the core of the reader's question...

~ Why would a reader care to be a part of this blog community?

Hell of a question! Yes, I started the blog for me, I aim to challenge myself/entertain/educate/stimulate interest/and motivate others. The core focus was to vocalize and be held accountable. So again, why would someone want to "follow me/be a part of this community?" Ultimately, I feel it is because they find it interesting, believe in me, the premise, or the mission of this blog. They believe in the potential within...or are simply supportive friends and family.

Now for your story Anonymous reader...the crux of "Things Forgotten?" Love obviously! haha

It starts with the only time I have been in love. You know, the lay on the floor with nothing to say while you feel like your heart was ripped out of your body and macerated in a blender type love. The I have a beautiful naked women on top of me and I don't want to sleep because she is not "her" type of love. The "WTF! You slept with one of my friends!" type love. The, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner type of love. The, lest stay in bed all day type love. The, life was just better seeing her face type love.

It happened fast...there were failures in communication...it got filed away and all but forgotten.

With lines of communication severed...a random re-add Facebook request opened the cabinet drawer.

There was a text conversation and the story ends...as I said in things forgotten...

"The lesson hurt...A LOT! However, the best lessons might just hurt A LOT!

Yes I lived. Yes I loved. Yes I laughed. Yes, even I cried. And YES, I learned.

Always living, loving, laughing and learning."

In closing...

Dear Anonymous reader,
Thank you for your comment. I don't know if those are the details you were looking...I don't know if you have a little bit better idea about what makes me tick...but I do hope that you learn from this lesson and always communicate your emotions.
Remember...An action is only a mistake if we do not learn from it!

Make it a great day and communicate your feelings!

Written with love


ps. I love fielding questions...so keep them coming:-)

always liked this picture.


grady said...

pretty F-ing deep brother...


Anonymous said...

wow...it really makes a person think

Stephen said...

Grady ~ some of the sustenance behind the smile:-) Always learning brother! lol Anonymous ~ are you the original commenter?
Thinks positive thoughts and make it a great day!

Stephen said...

ps. Anonymous ~ what does it make a person think?

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen, Good Job!.. Now wasn't that better. Look how you affected these people, they are touched by your story and have told you about it. Your original post generated no comments, your revised quote has been liked 7 times on facebook and you recieved 3 comments. Bravo. It's ALL about the heart!

Anonymous said...

A mutual friend of ours has a saying. "As they came in my life with love, so shall they leave. In the end my heart may have been broken but the love was worth the lesson." -Tilly Rivers-

your friend in love, RM Peters

Stephen said...

You are all beautiful! sending love, suchie

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